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El Bart Dry Aviation Gin


Aromatic dry gin from El Bart - with an iconic history

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El Bart

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El Bart
Lead Botanicals Juniper, Lavender, Lemon zest, Licorice root
Herkunft North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Alkoholgehalt 43.5% vol.

More information about El Bart Dry Aviation Gin

Authentic, unadulterated gin with citrus notes | Pure enjoyment | Perfect all-rounder for connoisseurs, gourmets and beginners | Gift for collectors

Facts:VOL 43.5 % / 87 proof, 500 ml, small batch 204 bottles per vintage, strictly limited.

  • HISTORIC - El Bart Gin is not a new fashionable recipe that wants to jump on the gin trend bandwagon, it has a historical background that is over 100 years old.
  • MADE WITH LOVE - True gin connoisseurs can smell and taste immediately that this is an honest, authentic gin without any chichi.
  • MANNIGFALTIG - Whether pure, with tonic or as a cocktail ingredient; the fine juniper and complex lime flavor delights connoisseurs, gourmets and gin beginners.

El Bart, Dry Aviation Gin is made by hand and only ever bottled in a very small, strictly limited edition of 204 bottles. On the label on the back you will find the exact details of each batch, and the labels, corks and bottles also differ from batch to batch, making the gin very popular among collectors. The small bottling quantity of only 102 liters allows for very close quality control. Each bottle is bottled with love and you can taste it. 15 different botanicals result in a uniquely balanced taste. The extremely subtle citrus note in particular is unlikely to be found in any other gin. Six ingredients alone are responsible for the fresh, extremely wide-ranging citrus aroma. In addition to the obligatory classic juniper, the remaining botanicals form two further groups to round off the experience. One group around lavender provides the floral scent and the other group around licorice provides the long, beautiful, slightly oily finish.

"Come And Fly With Me" is one of the two slogans of El Bart Gin. It takes us back to the beginnings of gin. El Bart Dry Gin first appeared in the USA at the beginning of the 20th century around 1904. This was a revolution in the USA at the time. Until then, dry gin was either imported from the Old World or Old Tom gins were produced in-house. A small distillery in the USA scored a coup when shady London merchants made a bad investment and had to part with an old recipe from 1768.

By pointing out that this recipe had previously come from London, the distillery justified the first dry gin title on a US bottle. It had never been produced in England before. El Bart quickly became the best-selling GIN in the USA and remained so for almost 40 years. In 1916, in one of the first proper New York cocktail books, El Bart Gin was recommended by Hugo Richard Ensslin, one of the most influential bartenders of all time, for the first aviation cocktail. At that time, the airplane was the coolest and most modern thing known, so this cocktail with this very gin had to be called the Aviation Cocktail. Hence the call to escape into the spirit of the 1920s with this gin. Our best serve is, of course, the original Aviation Cocktail. You will find the recipe on the label of every bottle. Every time you buy an El Bart gin, you are also doing something good for the environment. For every bottle sold, we donate EUR 1 to the "Wild Flora & Fauna" project, creating an undisturbed retreat for animals and plants.

El Bart was rated an incredible 98 OGP by the GinTalk podcast team.

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El Bart
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Die faszinierende Geschichte von El Bart Gin beginnt in der Camberwell Distillery in London, durchlebt Höhen und Tiefen, geprägt von findigen Händlern und Verboten. Trotz Herausforderungen überlebte der Gin, inspirierte Hugo Richard Ensslin zu über 30 Cocktails und überstand die Prohibition. Dietmar Hölscher entdeckte Ensslins Rezeptbuch und belebte 2022 den El Bart Gin wieder. Dieser wurde in den 20er Jahren durch ein revolutionäres Dry Gin-Rezept aus London zum meistverkauften Gin in den USA. Heute ist El Bart Gin untrennbar mit dem glamourösen Flair der 20er Jahre und dem legendären Aviation Cocktail verbunden. Entdecke die Geschichte und den einzigartigen Geschmack von El Bart Gin! [Read more]

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