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Beverage Knowledge

Drinks are undoubtedly a science in themselves - from chemistry, physics and natural history to craft, history and culture. Here you can quench your thirst for background knowledge about the beverage styles of this world. We prepare everything important for you in compact form, so that you can shine with your knowledge at the regulars' table.
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Was ist Kaffee und wie wird er hergestellt?

Coffee roasting - differences between light, medium & dark roasting

Here you can find out what distinguishes light, medium and dark coffee roasts from one another - ...

Korken ziehen ohne Korkenzieher - sieben geniale Methoden

Pulling corks without a corkscrew - seven ingenious methods

Great evening, great wine, but the corkscrew is missing. No need to panic. With these seven metho...

Konsum Monitor 2022 - Ergebnisse zur Craft Getränke Umfrage

Consumption Monitor 2023 - Results of the craft drinks survey

Which craft drinks does the scene love? And what do people actually look for when buying them? Yo...

Alkoholische Sorten im Überblick

Alcoholic varieties at a glance

What types of alcohol are there? And what are the differences? We provide all the answers, from l...

Glühwein-Rezept & Infos

Mulled wine: recipe & information about the winter drink

All information about the winter drink ✓ Tips for the right mulled wine recipe ✓ Including a reci...

Whisky Sorten

Whisky varieties

Whisky varieties - we tell you which varieties there are, why it's called whisky & whiskey and ex...

Rum Sorten - alles was du wissen musst

Rum varieties - everything you need to know

Rum varieties at a glance - we tell you which varieties there are, how they differ, and name clas...

Single Malt Whisky - Alles Wissenswerte

Single malt whisky - Everything you need to know

Single malt whisky - we tell you what makes it so special, what flavors there are and what the di...

Aperitif - Alles über die alkoholischen Appetitanreger

Aperitif - All about the alcoholic appetizers

All about aperitifs - we show you the classics and the latest trends. Here you can find out every...


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