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6.000 independent products

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Food Craftory - Manufaktur The roots of Food Craftory GmbH arose in the summer of 2017 from an idea of sustainability. In a Munich business, seasonally expiring strong beer was in danger of having to be disposed of! What was to be done? Give away strong beer, cook the beer in sauces, or is there possibly another solution? After a long search, it was decided - on the basis of a recipe - to create a beer liqueur from the remaining bottles, which was made "as a gift" to the guests. The resulting demand from guests meant that the beer liqueur had to continue to be produced. After the demand continued to grow as the recipe for the beer liqueur was refined, it was decided to run and distribute it under an official name. After further acquiring extensive background knowledge about production and distribution of luxury food, the current business owner Mr. Marlon Hange founded the Food Craftory GmbH in January 2019. The "Moizdratzerl Bierlikör" was born! With the founding of the manufactory, the idea arose to offer other products based on natural recipes. Among other things, the brand "Berry and Sickle" - durable syrups and fruit syrups without additives and flavorings - was also created in the founding year - November 2019. The sale of products of Food Craftory GmbH testifies to their quality and the actions of the manufactory. Through own engagement, contacts and experience the knowledge matures constantly, after which at present also further products are developed.