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6.000 independent products

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About us

The team behind Honest & Rare (formerly Craft Exchange)


Let's be honest: Don't you occasionally come across a drink that makes you think "Wow, yummy" or "Wow, interesting flavor combo" or "Why didn't I know that before? Why can't you buy that anywhere?!"

Yeah, that's how a lot of people feel. And so do we. There are simply too many high-quality and exceptional beverages that don't get the attention they deserve. With our marketplace, we want to change that and make regional, hard-to-find beverages more visible.

We chose an online marketplace because it allows us to offer a platform to all producers and their beverages, giving them more visibility and reach. This means that we don't have a warehouse ourselves and we don't ship products. We simply connect the manufacturers and independent sellers here and also give them their own online stores with us.

With our approach, we want to create an uncomplicated and convenient place for you to go for special drinks. We want you to be able to order unusual, rare, regional, crazy, experimental or simply delicious and high-quality drinks online at any time.

Our job is to guarantee you a fun shopping experience and always provide you with cool, new drinks. But this marketplace is only made possible by all the fantastic and creative producers. And yes - we also use our marketplace as our main source of supply.

Anything technically that could run smoother? Let us know. Beverage tips? Give us a call. Fancy a beer or soda with us? Write us!


Who we are and what we do



Position: Tech-Allrounder

Function: Takes care of everything from A to Z to make this site run. No Alex, no online marketplace

Motivation: Loves to build things from the ground up. As luck would have it, drinks have been the subject of successful hobby development before: built a cocktail robot in early 2019 - all the hardware as well as the software (see picture). Cocktails at the push of a button. At the push of a button! Now motivated to contribute his skills for a fair platform with real added value. Wants to write the best software for the best drinks in the world

Favorite drinks: bourbon, beer (wheat, dark).

Trending 2022: Sloe gin, highly mineralized water

Steers clear of: Sparkling wine

Annoys regularly about: Not having mulberry brandy. Always raves about how smooth and aromatic it tastes

Next goal: Ride every single lake in the Mecklenburg Lake District on a motorcycle.



Position: Brand professional

Function: Takes care of everything related to our brand presence. Makes sure we are consistently communicating our aspirations and passions and that all of our wonderful beverages are shown in the right light. Also thinks about what product you would most like to have in your glass for each calendar month and what cool collages and snappy sayings will make that palatable to you

Motivation: Is self-employed as a brand consultant and loves to get the best out of good companies and products. Finds e-commerce and especially marketplaces great and is into special drinks and real manufactures. Shares a full house bar with her husband and is happy to now be at the source of excellent supplies.

Favorite drinks: beer aged with champagne yeast, whiskey liqueur, sour lemonade

Trending 2022: Cocktails with Champagne

Steers clear of: Anything that tastes like coconut

Annoys regularly about: Calendar syncs

Next goal: Dancing barefoot in the sand to loud bass again



Position: Power SEO Analyst

Function: Takes care of our editorial plan, plans our content and makes sure our site offers a flawless shopping experience. Makes sure that we produce good content and that you always feel comfortable with us, so that your trusted search engines list our site higher and we get website visitors as a result.

Motivation: Has been self-employed as an SEO freelancer since 2011 and simply loves optimizing startups. Learned HTML in school and since then loves technology and especially working with it. Also loves digital products. He loves his SEO tools even more, with which he always knows exactly where something is broken, what you are most interested in at the moment and where we don't have the coolest (new German) user experience. Fire Alex for technical errors and Yascha for new texts.

Favorite drinks: Beer, Whisky, Coffee

Trending 2022: Gin and tonic

Gives a wide berth to: Tea

Annoys regularly about: Sistrix

Next destination: 6x a year to Italy



Position: Catalog & Marketing Manager

Function: Ensures that new products can be found on our site as quickly as possible and that new, exciting content is always available for discovery on the blog and on our social media channels.

Motivation: Burns for really good food and is fascinated by the craftsmanship and passion with which small, regionally based businesses produce their products. Would like to contribute (at least a small part) to making the diversity on the food market transparent - and learn a lot more about the fascinating world of beverages along the way.

Favorite drinks: beer, gin

Trending 2022: non-alcoholic spirits

Steer clear of: Energy drinks

Regularly gets annoyed by: Facebook algorithms

Next goal: A dog that actually does what it's told....



Position: Beer lover

Function: Takes care of marketing, sales and our B2B presence. He also likes to take care of everything else that falls from the sky on a daily basis.

Motivation: To retell digital business models in eCommerce and make them tangible for everyone. To use the latest technologies to bring exceptional products to our customers as easily and quickly as possible. To support regional and specialized manufacturers in their growth with digital know-how.

Favorite drinks: hoppy beers with fruity flavors.

Trending 2022: Homemade Mexican with grain!

Steer clear of: Seafood

Regularly gets annoyed by: Poor service

Next destination: Sailing on the Baltic Sea



Position: All drinker

Function: Takes care of our product range, our external presentation and all administrative and operational matters

Motivation: Loves beverages, greatest hobby. Finds nothing more fascinating than the huge variety, creativity and flavor complexity of beverages. Most of all, their production, ingredients and history/culture. Started brewing beer myself a few years ago. Then prepared own spirits and liqueurs (see picture) and roasted coffee in the pan at home (always burned in the oven). Now motivated to bring more beverage variety and quality to the people. Finds that there must be such a site

Favorite drinks: whiskey, beer (all except over-hopped), sodas

Trending in 2022: Natural brads, fruity-berry gins

Steers clear of: Supermarket coffee

Regularly gets annoyed by: That ice cream parlors close so early

Next goal: A cocktail made from all the drinks we serve