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Let's be honest: Don't you occasionally come across a drink that makes you think "Wow, yummy" or "Wow, interesting flavor combo" or "Why didn't I know that before? Why can't you buy that anywhere?!"

Yeah, that's how a lot of people feel. And so do we. There are simply too many high-quality and exceptional beverages that don't get the attention they deserve. With our marketplace, we want to change that and make regional, hard-to-find beverages more visible.

We chose an online marketplace because it allows us to offer a platform to all producers and their beverages, giving them more visibility and reach. This means that we don't have a warehouse ourselves and we don't ship products. We simply connect the manufacturers and independent sellers here and also give them their own online stores with us.

With our approach, we want to create an uncomplicated and convenient place for you to go for special drinks. We want you to be able to order unusual, rare, regional, crazy, experimental or simply delicious and high-quality drinks online at any time.

Our job is to guarantee you a fun shopping experience and always provide you with cool, new drinks. But this marketplace is only made possible by all the fantastic and creative producers. And yes - we also use our marketplace as our main source of supply.

Anything technically that could run smoother? Let us know. Beverage tips? Give us a call. Fancy a beer or soda with us? Write us!


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