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Sales guidelines and code of conduct for sellers

We expect all sellers to adhere to the following selling guidelines when posting their listings and managing their seller profile on Honest & Rare. Violations and/or posting of prohibited content may result in the seller being banned from Honest & Rare.

Abuse of the seller stores of Honest & Rare

The seller stores at Honest & Rare are available to all active sellers. If a seller repeatedly uploads disproportionately and unjustifiably large amounts of data via the administration portal or otherwise abuses the website in an inappropriate manner, the seller may be excluded from Honest & Rare because those activities lead to a disproportionate load on the entire website and thus unnecessarily impair the visiting experience of other users*.

Code of Conduct for Sellers

With Honest & Rare we want to create a cosmopolitan platform that makes the diversity and depth of the beverage world accessible to everyone. For this reason, we also strive to ensure a fair and equal shopping and selling experience for all. For this reason, we expect all of our sellers to adhere to the following principles of our Code of Conduct at all times:

  • Following our sales policies and code of conduct
  • Comply with all applicable laws
  • Observe and follow our terms and conditions
  • Build trust by treating customers fairly
  • Presenting only truthful information in products and seller profiles
  • Sell only products that comply with all applicable laws and do not harm our customers or others
  • Maintaining and ensuring that the seller profile is always up to date, that all information is truthful, and that all brand and product information is always true and current.
  • Refrain from misleading and offensive behavior in the seller profile, offers, product images, product information and in direct communication with the customer
  • refrain from any kind of customer manipulation
  • Refraining from falsified or self-initiated customer reviews
  • refrain from any attempt to manipulate sales rankings and search results
  • refrain from any attempt to gain advantages over other competitors by unlawful means and from any attempt to cause direct damage to a competitor

We reserve the right to change or expand our sales policies and code of conduct at any time. Whenever we make a change, we will notify our sellers of new policies in a timely manner.

Each seller, by applying and starting to sell on Honest & Rare, has agreed to abide by and follow the Terms and Conditions and this Sales Policy and Code of Conduct at all times.