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Frequently asked questions


Honest & Rare is the online marketplace for special drinks. We offer a one-stop-shop where you can find and buy special, high-quality and rare beverage specialties.

We achieve this by providing a platform for regional producers and sellers of non-mainstream beverages to offer their products. This way, they get more visibility and reach in the online world and can also address supra-regional customers (i.e. you). The key is that they offer special and rare drinks that fulfill our Honest & Rare promises .

Honest & Rare was originally founded as a craft exchange by Yascha & Alex. Since then, the Honest & Rare family has been growing steadily. You can learn more about our team on the About Us page .

First of all, we have to be very clear about what we don't choose, which is taste. We think that every drink, no matter how unknown, deserves to be seen - no matter if this speciality corresponds to our personal preferences or not. Because how a whisky , rum , gin , beer , coffee , wine , schnapps or a soda now tastes, you decide alone.

Therefore, we do not test any products before they are offered by us. Nevertheless, we test every single drink for compliance with our Honest & Rare promise before it ends up on our marketplace. Accordingly, the beverages must meet the following criteria:

  • from genuine manufactures
  • not available everywhere
  • regionally based
  • only natural ingredients

Here you can find more information about our Honest & Rare promises .

This is because we are not a pure online store, but a marketplace for special drinks. We don't need our own warehouse, but each producer ships their products themselves. This means that our range of products is much larger than in conventional online stores.

In principle, every digital marketplace works just like a weekly market or a market hall. Merchants and manufacturers come together at a central location, offer their goods at their own prices and conditions, and ship them to you themselves.

So we have no influence on the pricing, type of packaging, design or quality of the product - we don't want to. All we do is provide a place where the merchants can come together. We also make sure you know where to find our market hall - and what great drinks are on offer here. It sounds simple enough, but in this huge, connected world, it's not an easy task.

Your orders will always be shipped by the respective manufacturers and sellers. For each product you will find the information "sold and shipped by" - so you can see from whom you buy the drinks and get them delivered. You will also see this again in the beverage basket before you place and pay for your order.

No, our store is and will remain on the Internet. This is the only way we can give all the smaller, regional beverage brands a suitable stage and marketing platform so that they can gain more visibility and be bought by you. With a retail store we would have to heavily sort out who we can/want to list and who not.

Of course! We are happy to advise you on the drinks, answer your questions and also tell you more about how the drinks are made. Just call and let's chat or send us an email.


phone: +49 (0)30 99 00 47 41
Mail: c [email protected]

If you are rather contact shy, but still need help in making a decision, just have a look at our Highlights & Inspirations or in our magazine . There we have even more info and recommendations on the drinks on offer at Honest & Rare.

All suppliers do it themselves. We do not have and do not want to influence the pricing of other people's products.

Many people think that craft beer, craft gin or craft coffee only refers to all the new breweries, distilleries or roasting houses. That is, those that have emerged in the last five to ten years, when the hype for more unusual creations of beer, gin & Co. (quite rightly) broke loose. But that's only partly true.

Craft means handicraft. So it's about drinks that have been made with a certain level of craftsmanship, high quality and the dedication that goes with it. And this is what traditional breweries and family distilleries have been doing for decades in some cases.

So we understand craft drinks as the entire range of high-quality beverages - from the traditional distillery in the 4th generation to the lateral brewer. They are different from the gray mass of large and cheap corporations because they respect and appreciate not only the final product, but also the process of creating a drink.


You got the wrong drink, the bottles are broken, something is missing, or your package didn't come - whatever it is, contact us directly. We will take care of it.


phone: +49 (0)30 99 00 47 41
Mail: [email protected]
Instagram: www.instagram.com/honestrare

If you have received a shipment number, first check the status there. Sometimes parcel services simply take a day or two longer than indicated or the package is already with your neighbors.

If this does not solve your problem, contact us directly and have your order number ready. We will take care of it.


phone: +49 (0)30 99 00 47 41
Mail: [email protected]
Instagram: www.instagram.com/honestrare

Depending on the size of your order, the manufacturers may split the drinks into several packages. So it is possible that a part of your order is already there, while the other part is in the mail. Normally, this is already apparent in the shipping confirmation.

Even if you have ordered from several sellers, you will receive several packages, which may have different shipping times, because with us, each seller* sends itself. This will also be visible in your order and shipping confirmation.

If something is missing, please contact us and have your order number ready. We will then take care of it.


phone: +49 (0)30 99 00 47 41
Mail: [email protected]
Instagram: www.instagram.com/honestrare

To cancel an order, please send us an email to [email protected] with the complete details of your order. You can find more information about this in the respective terms and conditions of the individual sellers under the item "Right of cancellation".

Yes, you can return products that you have ordered - as long as you have not opened them. You can find more information about returning products in the respective general terms and conditions of the individual sellers under the item "Right of withdrawal".

This is because each seller ships the drinks themselves. Therefore, each seller has its own shipping conditions. How much the shipping of an order costs, is written on the one hand with each product and on the other hand in the beverage basket in your order overview.

Note that most of our sellers have several drinks in their assortment. That means you can always look through the other drinks of a seller to save additional shipping costs.

Yes, you can. Many of our sellers offer free shipping when you reach a certain purchase amount. If you are only a small amount short of the free amount, we will even show you this in the beverage basket.

In addition, we mark all products in the store that are shipped free of charge.

Currently, our sellers only deliver within Germany. However, we are working on making the great drinks at Honest & Rare available outside of Germany as well.


You can access the order overview via the retailer login. There you will find the tab Orders in the upper left corner.

You can also edit and add products via the merchant login. Under the tab "Products" you will get an overview of all your products and you can also add new ones.

When creating a new product, please read our Add Products Guide .

All products that you add to your store are first checked by us. Only after we have activated the product, it is also visible in the store.

Depending on how many products we have to check at the moment, the activation can take a few days.

What you should pay attention to when creating and editing your products, you can find in our guide Add products .

From your seller dashboard, you can always set a product to 0 inventory so that it can no longer be purchased, or simply deactivate it so that it no longer appears on Honest & Rare.

Yes, of course. We do not bind you to anything and do not set any deadlines. If you don't want to be listed with us anymore, you can delete your account at any time or write us, so that we do this for you. We will do it for you immediately.