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6.000 independent products

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From beer, gin & coffee to sauces, spices, all kinds of snacks & other delicatessen items



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No more desire for standard! That's how we feel and certainly how you feel if you've come here to browse for special food & drink online. You've truly arrived in paradise if you're looking for specialties that you can't buy everywhere.


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Tired of the standard! That's how we feel, and I'm sure you do too if you've come to our site to browse for food and drink online. And if you're looking for special delicacies that aren't available everywhere, then you've undoubtedly arrived in paradise.

Buy rare, special drinks and food online

No, not because we think we're so great - we only care about the marketplace itself so that you can order drinks and food online. What makes this site a paradise is the incredible number of >fantastic, creative and experimental producers. Thanks to them, there are all these extraordinary products that we can offer you here.

These delicious and regionally rooted drinks and gourmet foods are usually available somewhere, but don't get the national attention they deserve. This is precisely the reason why we created our marketplace: So that you and everyone who is eager to discover and looking for new taste adventures can order all these special and unusual gourmet products online, from gin and beer to sauces, spices, chocolates and oils to lemonade, coffee and muesli from exceptional producers.

From beer, gin and lemonade to antipasti, soup and tasty snacks

Our approach is a little different to that of other food and drink online stores. As you read above, we are an online marketplace - which means that we don't have a warehouse ourselves. We simply give smaller suppliers a kind of stage to gain more visibility and reach online for their manufactory and their products. All of our producers therefore also have their own online food or drink store.

Marketplace also means that your purchases are sent to you directly from the producers when you order food or drinks online from us. This means that your order comes directly from the brewery, roastery, winegrower, soup manufacturer or distillery. There is no fresher and more ecological way to buy food and drinks! After all, the producers themselves know best how to store their products. And it is ecological because there is no intermediate logistics. Your olives, beer, chocolate, sweets, honey, wine, lemonade or spirits such as gin go directly from the producer to your home.

In addition to the marketplace approach, which has several advantages over normal stores when ordering food and drinks online, we do not specialize in any particular food or drink category. We see ourselves as an online marketplace for enjoyment in general and have therefore defined product criteria that all products in our online store must meet. Thanks to this focus, you can order all kinds of different craft drinks and food from us online.

With craft beer, spirits, wine (red wine, white wine, rosé and sparkling wine), coffee and lemonades, we offer you both alcoholic and non-alcoholic alternatives such as non-alcoholic gin. We are delighted that our approach has been well received. We hear from many customers that they don't just buy and drink drinks and therefore think it's great to support smaller suppliers of sauces, spices, vinegar & oil, muesli or nuts and to order the best quality at affordable prices.

Buying food and drinks online

Quality in all respects is the top priority for our online marketplace for food and drink. Every day, we work on two things in particular to make ordering food and drink online as pleasant and fun as possible: an exceptional and large product range and the best shopping experience when discovering and buying food and drink.

Combining both is our claim that you can easily find and order exceptional snacks, gourmet products and drinks from us. No lugging around, no waiting to pay and, above all, no standard products that you can get in any supermarket. Whether you're at your desk, on the train or hanging out on the couch - whenever you fancy a special treat, we want you to find what you're looking for and have a unique shopping experience.

As an open marketplace, we are constantly expanding our range of beer, spirits, gin, chocolate & pralines, spreads, lemonades, sausages, coffee and wine and, despite handcrafted and small batches, we make sure to offer drinks and food at reasonable prices. We ourselves are gourmet fanatics, amateur beer brewers, liqueur makers, gin and tonic fans and amateur coffee roasters. Our curiosity drives us to explore the gourmet landscape and make the best products from outside the mainstream available to you online. Almost all sellers in our food and drink online store also sell free shipping for orders over a certain value.

To give you a quick overview of each item, you will find a short and concise summary of the taste and the most important features of the product - such as the origin, style and manufacturer. We are also constantly improving our navigation, filter and search functions so that you can find exactly the drinks and gourmet items you want even faster and better. Our magazine also keeps you up to date on new and exciting gourmet trends. Our magazine also gives a voice to all the producers who make this online food and drink market possible in the first place - click through and subscribe to our newsletter.

News from our gourmet magazine

Have you already discovered our magazine? There you'll find interviews with producers, news and background information on fabulous drinks from around the world and recipes for cocktails, long drinks and more. We currently have recipes online for you with variations of mojito and the popular Moscow Mule in a copper mug.