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6,500 independent products

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From beer, soda and gin to olive oil, chutney, chocolate and hundreds of different snacks

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Unusual drinks that send your taste buds on tour

Up for more than just the usual from the supermarket shelf? Then say hello to your new beverage hotspot! We're not talking about mass-produced sodas or gins you can get anywhere. Here you are at the source to the crème de la crème of beverages, straight from the hands of people who understand their art.

The jewels of the beverage world: spirits, liqueurs, craft beer, wine, gin and more.

The selection in your local supermarket is too monotonous for you? You want more than just mainstream drinks? Then try a handcrafted gin from a manufactory in the Black Forest or a liqueur made according to grandma's recipe in a small distillery. But we also have something for fans of other spirits, beer, and wine: small vintners who tend each grape vine individually, and craft beer brewers who treat each bottle like its own child.

Coffee and liquor: never again 08/15

Think coffee is just coffee? Then you've never tried a freshly roasted Arabica from a roastery. So has the endless world of liqueurs, ranging from egg and hazelnut liqueurs to sea buckthorn and sloe liqueurs. In the limited landscape of supermarket shelves, of course, this selection remains hidden.

Small manufactories, big stories

There is a story behind every product. For us, these are stories of people who have put their passion into their profession. Manufactures who love their drinks and give their best every day so that you have the chance to experience something extraordinary. Something you definitely won't find in the supermarket.

It doesn't get more direct than this: from the producer to you.

We are not just a "platform". We are the link between you and the manufacturers. When you order from us, your favorite drink comes directly from the source to you. No middlemen, no unnecessary routes - just pure quality, as fresh as the first day.

Fresh ideas, fresh drinks

Nothing is set in stone for us. We are always on the lookout for new, exciting drinks, brands and manufacturers. From experimental spirits to new coffees, we list new products and vendors weekly to showcase and sell their products with us.

So, leave the standard supermarket stuff and immerse yourself in a world of flavor and craftsmanship. Whether it's gin, beer, coffee or something else entirely, we've got what your heart desires. Cheers!


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