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100pct. Wild organic oregano
6,50 (€162,50 per kg)
100pct. Wild organic sage
5,00 (€166,67 per kg)
100pct. Wild organic thyme
6,50 (€162,50 per kg)
100pct. Greek mint
4,50 (€150,00 per kg)
Oregano rubbed
Oregano rubbed
6,00 (€200,00 per kg)
Thyme rubbed
Thyme rubbed
6,00 (€200,00 per kg)
Basil rubbed
Basil rubbed
6,00 (€200,00 per kg)
Herbs Schulte salad herbs salad garden
6,90 (€197,14 per kg)

Herbs at Honest & Rare

Herbs are indispensable ingredients in the kitchen that add special flavors to every dish. At Honest & Rare, we offer a wide selection of high-quality herbs from sustainable cultivation. Discover the variety of our herbs and enrich your culinary creations.

Variety and origin

Our herbs come from different regions of the world and bring with them the characteristic flavors of their countries of origin. Whether Mediterranean herbs such as rosemary and thyme or exotic varieties such as lemongrass and Thai basil - we have everything you need for authentic and tasty dishes.

Mediterranean herbs

Mediterranean herbs such as rosemary, thyme and oregano are known for their intense, earthy aromas. They thrive in sunny, dry climates and are an indispensable part of Mediterranean cuisine. Use them in sauces, marinades and stews to add depth and spice to your dishes.

Asian herbs

Asian herbs such as coriander, lemongrass and Thai basil bring fresh, citrusy notes to your cooking. These herbs are essential for Thai, Vietnamese and Indian cuisine and are perfect for curries, soups and salads. They give your dishes an exotic touch and provide a unique taste experience.

Herbs from the Middle East

Herbs such as mint, sumac and za'atar are widely used in Middle Eastern cuisine. Mint adds freshness to salads and drinks, while sumac with its sour note and za'atar with its spicy blend of thyme, sesame and sumac offer a wide range of uses. These herbs are ideal for mezze, marinades and grilled meat.

Tips for use

The right use of herbs can significantly improve the flavor of your dishes. Here are some tips on how to get the best out of your herbs:

Fresh herbs

Fresh herbs should preferably be added at the end of the cooking process to preserve their full flavor. Chop them finely to release the essential oils or use whole sprigs for subtle flavor nuances. Store fresh herbs in a damp cloth in the fridge to preserve their freshness.

Dried herbs

Dried herbs have a more concentrated flavor intensity and have a longer shelf life. They are particularly suitable for dishes that take a long time to cook, such as stews and braised dishes. Note that dried herbs taste more intense, so you should use them sparingly.

Herb mixtures

Herb blends such as Herbes de Provence or Garam Masala offer a balanced combination of different herbs and spices. These blends are practical and versatile, perfect for quick and easy dishes that still need to offer complex flavors.

Preserving herbs

To preserve herbs for longer, you can dry them, freeze them or preserve them in oil. When drying, it is best to keep the whole leaves and store them in airtight containers. Freezing is ideal for delicate herbs such as basil and dill. Preserving in oil not only preserves the herbs, but also gives the oil an aromatic flavor.

Perfect combinations

Combining different herbs can add a new dimension to your dishes. Here are some popular combinations:

Basil and tomatoes

Basil and tomatoes are a classic duo that can be found in many Mediterranean dishes. This combination is perfect for salads, sauces and pestos.

Dill and fish

Dill goes perfectly with fish dishes. Its fresh, slightly sweet aroma perfectly complements the taste of salmon, trout and other types of fish.

Rosemary and lamb

Rosemary is an ideal spice for lamb. Its strong, resinous aroma harmonizes wonderfully with the intense taste of the meat.

Discover the world of herbs at Honest & Rare and find the perfect flavors for your kitchen. Our selection offers you the opportunity to experience authentic and unadulterated worlds of flavor.