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Louie Holy Nuts - salty
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Buying nuts - nature's little powerhouses

Hey, nut lovers! Nuts are not only delicious, they are also nature's powerhouses. In this article, we'll take you on a journey into the world of nuts and show you why they are so healthy and versatile. If you are looking for delicious nuts of the highest quality, you can buy the best nuts from us. All our manufacturers attach great importance to the quality and origin of the nuts.

All nut varieties at a glance

The world of nuts is diverse and fascinating. Here we present some of the best-known nut varieties in more detail. You can already buy most nuts from us. As we are constantly receiving new products and suppliers, our range is constantly expanding. Here is an overview of the most popular nut varieties:


Walnuts are not only delicious, but also extremely healthy. They have a mild, nutty flavor and are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for your heart. They also contain antioxidants and vitamin E.


Almonds are crunchy and slightly sweet in taste. They are a great source of vitamin E, fiber and protein. Almonds are known for their positive effect on the skin and can help strengthen your immune system.


Hazelnuts have a delicious, slightly sweet taste. They are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. These little power packs aid digestion and provide long-lasting satiety.

Cashew nuts

Cashew nuts are tender and have a slightly sweet taste. They contain less fat than other nuts, but lots of healthy nutrients such as copper, magnesium and iron. Perfect as a snack or in Asian dishes.


Peanuts are actually pulses, but are often treated as nuts. They are rich in protein and provide important nutrients such as folic acid and vitamin B3. No trip to the movies without peanuts, right?

Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts are famous for their high selenium content, an important antioxidant. Even a small amount of Brazil nuts can cover your daily selenium requirement. They have a slightly sweet taste and are a unique addition to your diet.

Pecan nuts

Pecans are sweet and buttery in taste. They contain many unsaturated fatty acids and are known for their positive effects on heart health. Enjoy them on their own or in baked goods.

Macadamia nuts

Macadamia nuts are creamy and rich in flavor. They contain the most unsaturated fatty acids of all nuts and are an excellent choice for supporting a healthy diet.

Why are nuts so healthy?

Nuts are not only delicious, but also extremely healthy. Here you can find out why you should include them in your diet more often:

Healthy fats for your heart

Nuts contain lots of unsaturated fatty acids, which have a positive effect on your heart. They can help to lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease. So if you have heart health on your mind, reach for the nuts more often.

Proteins for your muscles

Nuts are an excellent plant-based source of protein. They contain all nine essential amino acids that your body needs to build and maintain muscle. So if you're looking for a protein-rich snack option, nuts are the answer.

Fiber for your digestion

Fiber is important for healthy digestion, and nuts are full of it. The fiber in nuts promotes digestion and ensures a long-lasting feeling of satiety. No more constant hunger pangs!

Vitamins and minerals for your health

Nuts are not only rich in healthy fats, but also in vitamins and minerals such as vitamin E, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc. These nutrients play a crucial role in your health and ensure that your body functions optimally.

Whether as a snack between meals or for health reasons, you can order a range of unroasted, roasted and even roasted nuts online.

Nuts in the kitchen

Nuts are not only healthy, but also extremely versatile in the kitchen. Here are some creative ways you can use nuts in your meals:

Crunchy toppings

Add chopped nuts such as almonds or walnuts to your morning yogurt or muesli. Not only do they provide a delicious crunch, they also deliver important nutrients.

Nut butter

You can turn nuts into creamy nut butter. Almond butter, cashew butter or peanut butter are popular options. Use them as a spread on bread or as an ingredient in smoothies.

Salads and vegetables

Sprinkle chopped nuts over salads or steamed vegetables. They not only add an interesting texture to your dishes, but also an extra kick of flavor.

Baking and cooking

Nuts are versatile in the baking and cooking world. Use them in cakes, cookies, casseroles or as a breading for meat or fish. The possibilities are almost endless.

Nuts as a snack

Fancy a small snack between meals? Nuts are ideal as a healthy and filling snack. They are easy to pack and can be taken anywhere. A small bag of nuts in your pocket is perfect for keeping hunger at bay.

The truth about calories

Yes, nuts contain calories due to their fat content. But here's the kicker: those calories are healthy calories that provide your body with valuable energy. Studies have shown that people who eat nuts regularly do not tend to gain more weight than those who do not. The satiating effect of nuts ensures that you are less likely to reach for unhealthy snacks.

Choosing the right nuts

Which nuts are the best? Well, that depends on your personal taste and your nutritional goals. For example, if you want to improve your heart health, walnuts are a good choice. If you want more protein, almonds are a great option.

Remember to enjoy the nuts you eat. Not only are they healthy, they're delicious too! We have an ever-growing range of nuts. Whenever you are looking to buy nuts, take a look here.