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Duo gift box (1x garlic oil + 1x herbal oil + 1x hemp oil)
20,69 (€20,28 per l)
Organic camelina friend storage pack (3x camelina oil)
23,97 (€22,83 per l)
Chilifreund storage pack (3x rapeseed oil with chili)
22,47 (€14,98 per l)

Vinegar and oil: a culinary dream team

Vinegar and oil are indispensable in every kitchen. They are not only basic ingredients for salad dressings and marinades, but also add a variety of flavors to our dishes. From rustic balsamic vinaigrette to fine olive oil - vinegar and oil are true all-rounders in the kitchen.

The world of vinegars: Variety and taste

The selection of vinegar varieties is impressive. Whether apple cider vinegar, which is known for its health benefits, the versatile wine vinegar or the fine balsamic vinegar from Italy - there is a suitable vinegar for every taste and every dish. Each variety has its own unique character and gives dishes a special touch.

In addition to the classic varieties, there are many other exotic and specialized vinegars, such as rice vinegar, which is indispensable in Asian dishes, or malt vinegar, which is particularly popular in the UK. Experimental chefs also use fruit vinegars such as raspberry or fig vinegar to add a fruity note to their creations. With the growing enthusiasm for fermented foods, artisan vinegars are also gaining in popularity, with their complexity and depth turning even simple dishes into a gourmet experience.

Oils: from olive groves to sunflower fields

As with vinegar, there is also a wide range of oils. Olive oil is probably the best known and is particularly popular in Mediterranean cuisine. However, other oils such as sunflower, rapeseed and nut oils have also found their place in the kitchen. Each oil has its own flavor and is suitable for different cooking methods.

Vinegar and oil in healthy cooking

Vinegar and oil are not only excellent in taste, they also offer health benefits. Olive oil, for example, is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants. Vinegar can aid digestion and has an antibacterial effect. A splash of vinegar and a dash of oil can therefore not only enhance the taste of a dish, but also contribute to a balanced diet.