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Jarmino Organic Collagen - Beef Bone Broth Powder
35,99 (€119,97 per kg)
Jarmino beef bone broth (6x 350 ml)
34,99 (€16,66 per l)
Jarmino Bone Broth Concentrate Beef
49,99 (€113,61 per kg)
Puszta Booster Hungarian Goulash Soup
8,95 (€22,38 per l)
Jarmino Marine Collagen - Protein powder
34,99 (€116,63 per kg)
6x Organic Bone Broth Beef / Bone Broth
6x Organic Bone Broth Beef / Bone Broth
32,94 (€13,73 per l)
6x Organic Bone Broth Chicken / Bone Broth
6x Organic Bone Broth Chicken / Bone Broth
32,94 (€13,73 per l)
Jarmino fish bone broth (6x 350 ml)
34,99 (€16,66 per l)
Jarmino Beauty Collagen - Protein powder
34,99 (€77,76 per kg)
Jarmino Shape Collagen - Protein powder
34,99 (€69,98 per kg)
Shrub tomato cream soup à la provencale
7,45 (€18,63 per l)

Buy soups from real manufactories

If you've landed here, then you probably already know what's best in your soup bowl: soups made from the best ingredients, made by real people and not mass-produced. You can buy delicious soups in all kinds of variations from us. From oxtail soup to chicken broth. We have a large range for you, which you can buy directly from the manufacturer.

The world of soups

You probably know them too, those cozy evenings with a warm bowl of soup in your hand. Soups come in countless varieties, from simple to exotic, and are an integral part of many cultures. In this text, we dive into the colorful and warming world of soups together.

Soup is not just a dish, it is an experience. Whether as a quick lunch, an elegant starter or a healing meal for a cold - soups are versatile and always a treat. They are also a sign of hospitality and warmth. When you cook soup, you are cooking more than just a meal: you are cooking a piece of tradition and comfort.

Why are soups so popular? Perhaps because they are often easy to prepare and yet can be so rich in flavor. Perhaps also because they can warm us up on cold days and refresh us on hot days. In this text, you will learn more about the different types of soup, their history, how to make the perfect soup and much more. Let's dive into the delicious world of soups together!

What makes a soup?

What actually is a soup? Quite simply, soup is a liquid to semi-liquid dish that is usually served warm. It consists of a base liquid - this can be water, broth or even a cream - and various other ingredients such as vegetables, meat, fish, pasta or spices.

However, there are also differences, for example between soups, stews and broths. A broth is usually clear and is often used as a base for other dishes. A stew, on the other hand, is usually thicker and contains larger pieces of vegetables or meat. Soups can be both clear and creamy and are often the star of the meal - not just a side dish.

The variety of soups is huge. From traditional chicken soup, known to many as a home remedy for colds, to exotic soups such as Thai tom yum, there is a soup to suit every taste and occasion. In this chapter, you will learn more about the different types of soups and their special features.

History of soup

Soups have a long history. People started cooking soups as early as the Stone Age, when fire was discovered. Back then, it was an easy way to cook different ingredients together and create a nutritious meal.

Soups play an important role in different cultures. In Asia, for example, clear broths are very popular, while creamy soups are preferred in Europe. Every culture has its own soup recipes, which are often passed down from generation to generation.

Soup is not just food, it is also a piece of cultural history. In many countries, there are traditional soup recipes that are cooked on special occasions. Preserving and passing on these traditions is an important part of our culinary heritage. In this chapter, you will learn exciting facts about the origins and development of soups in different parts of the world.

Types of soups

There are so many different types of soup that it is almost impossible to know them all. Every region and every country has its own specialties. Here is a brief overview of some popular types of soup:

Clear soups, such as broths and bouillons, are usually light and are often served as an appetizer. They are the basis for many other soups and dishes. Creamy soups, such as potato or tomato cream soup, are richer and often a meal in themselves.

And then there are the international soups. Have you ever tried a Spanish gazpacho, a cold soup? Or French onion soup? The world of soups is as diverse as the countries of the world. In this chapter, you will learn more about the different types of soups and perhaps even discover a new favorite recipe.

How do you make the perfect soup?

Making soup is an art, but don't worry, it's easier than it sounds. The most important thing is to work with fresh ingredients and take your time. A good soup needs patience.

There are some basic steps you can follow to make a delicious soup. First, you should make a base, such as a broth or creamy liquid. Then you add your main ingredients, such as vegetables, meat or fish. And finally, season your soup and let it simmer slowly.

In addition to the classic recipes, there are also many ways to experiment. You can try out different spices or add unusual ingredients. In this chapter, you will find useful tips and tricks for preparing the perfect soup.

Health and nutrition

Soups are not only delicious, they can also be very healthy. Many soups are rich in nutrients and are an excellent part of a balanced diet.

The ingredients in soups, such as fresh vegetables and lean proteins, are good for your health. Soups can also help to hydrate the body and are often easy to digest. They are a good choice if you want to eat healthily without sacrificing taste.

In this chapter, you will learn more about the health benefits of soups and how you can incorporate them into your daily diet. Soups are an easy and delicious way to do your body good.

Soups for special occasions

Soups are not just for everyday, they can also shine on special occasions. Whether for a festive dinner, a family get-together or as part of a holiday menu - there are soups that are perfect for special events.

For example, there are festive soup recipes that are particularly elaborate and sophisticated. These soups are often rich in fine ingredients and are prepared with great attention to detail. But a simple, well-made soup can also impress at a special occasion.

Why do we love soup?

There are many reasons why we love soup. One of the main reasons is probably that soups give us a feeling of warmth and security. It often reminds us of our childhood and is a symbol of care and love.

Soup is also so popular because it is so versatile. There are endless recipes and variations, so everyone can find their favorite soup. In addition, soups are often easy to prepare and can be easily adapted to suit different tastes and preferences.