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The Wurschtler Whisky Salami
8,45 (€46,94 per kg)
The Wurschtler bock beer liver sausage
The Wurschtler bock beer liver sausage
5,50 (€27,50 per kg)
The Wurschtler Fine liver sausage with fried onion
5,50 (€27,50 per kg)
The Wurschtler red wine salami
7,45 (€41,39 per kg)
The Wurschtler mulled wine liver sausage
5,50 (€27,50 per kg)
The Wurschtler hazelnut salami
8,45 (€46,94 per kg)
The Wurschtler truffle liver sausage
6,90 (€34,50 per kg) 7,45
Wild boar liver sausage
11,90 (€85,00 per kg)
The Wurschtler Franconian baked liver cheese in a jar
5,50 (€27,50 per kg)
Wild boar liver sausage set of 5
33,40 (€47,71 per kg)
Deheck gourmet box for gourmets - delicatessen, liqueur and spirits set
78,00 (€101,30 per l)
No products with the selected options in stock
The Wurschtler Franconian farmer's vesper - sausage preparation
5,50 (€27,50 per kg)
No products with the selected options in stock
The Wurschtler Gin Salami
7,45 (€41,39 per kg)
No products with the selected options in stock

Sausage and more at Honest & Rare

Discover the diverse world of sausage at Honest & Rare. Our selection includes traditional and innovative sausage specialties from all over the world, produced with love and care by experienced butchers and small manufacturers.

Sausage specialties at a glance

Raw sausage

Raw sausages such as salami and Mettwurst are made from raw meat and preserved by drying and smoking. These sausages are characterized by their intense taste and firm texture.

Boiled sausage

Scalded sausages such as Lyoner and Mortadella are made from finely minced meat and scalded. They are particularly juicy and mild in taste, ideal for snacks and sandwiches.

Cooked sausage

Cooked sausages such as black pudding and liver sausage are made from pre-cooked meat and offal. These sausages are soft and spreadable, perfect as a spread or side dish.

Game sausage

Venison sausage is made from the meat of wild animals such as deer, wild boar or roe deer. These sausages are particularly aromatic and have a strong flavor. They are a delicacy and ideal for special occasions.

Liver cheese

Leberkäs, also known as Fleischkäse, is a Bavarian specialty. It consists of finely chopped meat that is baked in a mold. Leberkäs is often served warm, cut into slices and eaten with mustard and bread.

Liver sausage

Liver sausage is a spreadable sausage made from liver, bacon and spices. It has a rich, spicy taste and is ideal as a spread or as an ingredient in various dishes.

Production of sausage

Selection of ingredients

The quality of the sausage begins with the selection of the best ingredients. High-quality meat, fresh spices and traditional recipes ensure the unmistakable taste.


Processing includes mincing the meat, mixing it with spices and stuffing it into natural casings. Each type of sausage has its own special processing steps that influence the texture and taste.

Maturing and smoking

Many sausages are refined by smoking and drying. These processes give the sausage its characteristic taste and preserve it. Smoked sausages get their aroma from smoking over beech wood or other woods.

Enjoying sausage

Sausage in the kitchen

Sausage can be enjoyed in many different ways. Whether cold sliced for a snack, warm in stews or as an ingredient in various dishes - sausage is a versatile companion in the kitchen.

Correct storage

Keep sausages in the fridge to preserve their freshness. Raw sausages can also be stored in a cool, dry place. Make sure that the sausage is well packaged to prevent moisture and foreign odors from penetrating.

The best way to enjoy sausage

Sausage goes perfectly with various side dishes and drinks. Enjoy a strong salami with a glass of red wine or a fine liver sausage with a fresh beer. Experiment with different combinations to discover new taste sensations.

Explore the variety of sausage specialties at Honest & Rare and find the perfect sausage for every occasion. Our carefully crafted products offer you an authentic and intense taste experience.