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Laori Juniper No 1 - non-alcoholic alternative to gin
19,90 (€39,80 per l)
  • Herkunft Berlin, Germany

  • Geschmack refreshing, natural, complex

  • Lead Botanicals Gin Juniper, Lavender, Cardamom

Zéro de Cologne Rosé - non-alcoholic gin alternative
Zéro de Cologne Rosé - non-alcoholic gin alternative
17,90 (€35,80 per l)
  • Herkunft North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

  • Geschmack fruity, berry, fresh

MESANO Dry Sin - non-alcoholic gin alternative
MESANO Dry Sin - non-alcoholic gin alternative
21,95 (€43,90 per l)
  • Herkunft Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

  • Geschmack herbal, spicy, cinnamon, blood orange

  • Lead Botanicals Gin Juniper, Cinnamon, Blood Orange

Wind chime Alcohol free
19,99 (€39,98 per l)
  • Herkunft Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

  • Geschmack spicy, fresh, citrus note

  • Lead Botanicals Gin Juniper, Allspice, Cloves

Zéro de Cologne - Alcohol-free gin alternative
Zéro de Cologne - Alcohol-free gin alternative
17,90 (€35,80 per l)
  • Herkunft North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

  • Geschmack fresh, citrus

Windspiel Alcohol Free & Tonic Set - Alcohol Free (1x Windspiel Alcohol Free + 6x Tonic Water)
Windspiel Alcohol Free & Tonic Set - Alcohol Free (1x Windspiel Alcohol Free + 6x Tonic Water)
27,63 (€16,25 per l) 33,48
  • Herkunft Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

Momotaro Ginzero - Non-alcoholic gin
26,90 (€53,80 per l)
  • Herkunft Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

  • Geschmack fresh, spicy, notes of yuzu and green tea

  • Lead Botanicals Gin Yuzu, Green tea, Lotus flower

Nona June - non-alcoholic gin alternative
29,90 (€42,71 per l)
  • Herkunft East Flanders, Belgium

  • Geschmack fruity-spicy

  • Lead Botanicals Gin Juniper, Basil, black pepper

GinZ - Alcohol-free gin alternative
GinZ - Alcohol-free gin alternative
19,99 (€28,56 per l)
  • Herkunft Granada, Spain

  • Geschmack fresh

POLLY London Classic - Alcohol-free gin alternative
14,90 (€29,80 per l)
  • Herkunft North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

  • Geschmack fresh, mild, spicy

  • Lead Botanicals Gin Ginger, Cucumber

Quarantini Virgin - non-alcoholic gin alternative
24,90 (€49,80 per l)
  • Herkunft Hesse, Germany

  • Geschmack fruity, herbal, aromatic

  • Lead Botanicals Gin Juniper, Bergamot, Mint, Papaya

VOGELFREI - alcohol-free gin alternative
VOGELFREI - alcohol-free gin alternative
20,99 (€41,98 per l) 24,90
  • Herkunft Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

  • Geschmack fresh, floral

  • Lead Botanicals Gin Juniper, Lavender

Breaks Free - Alcohol-free gin alternative
Breaks Free - Alcohol-free gin alternative
18,99 (€37,98 per l) 19,99
  • Herkunft Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

  • Geschmack herbaceous, fresh, light spiciness

  • Lead Botanicals Gin Juniper

Tinctura Anatomica - Gin Zero 0.0%
17,90 (€35,80 per l) 19,90
  • Herkunft Bavaria, Germany

  • Geschmack refreshing, floral, light, citrus fruit

  • Lead Botanicals Gin Lavender, Chamomile, Mint, Cocoa beans

Wind chime non-alcoholic Pink Grapefruit
19,99 (€39,98 per l)
  • Herkunft Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

  • Lead Botanicals Gin Juniper, Citrus, Grapefruit

POLLY Alcohol-Free Starter Pack (1x Alcohol-Free Gin + 1x Alcohol-Free Aperitif + 2x Tonic Water + 1x Recipe Book)
34,90 (€24,93 per l)
  • Herkunft North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

The Illusionist Masquerade Non-alcoholic
19,90 (€39,80 per l)
  • Herkunft Bavaria, Germany

  • Lead Botanicals Gin Lemongrass, Allspice, Acacia flowers

POLLY 3er Mix Bundle (1x non-alcoholic gin + 1x non-alcoholic pink gin + 1x non-alcoholic aperitif)
39,70 (€26,47 per l)
  • Herkunft North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany


Non-alcoholic gin

Alcohol-free gin is in. Finally, a worthy alternative for toasting when you still have to drive. Finally, a well-composed drink that will get you through your exams even after three glasses. Renowned manufacturers have created a serious alternative to real gin in the form of non-alcoholic gin. We introduce you to the most important compositions and answer your questions.

Non-alcoholic gin is not allowed to call itself gin on the label. This has given rise to a wonderful fantasy landscape of trade names. The marriage of name and bottle is an art form in itself.

Here are a few of the best non-alcoholic gins from our range:

  • Siegfried Wonderleaf: the liver-friendly version of Siegfried Rheinland Dry. Lime blossom flavored - hence the name (as a refresher: Siegfried is the hero who became invulnerable by bathing in dragon's blood - except for a spot on his back where a lime leaf had fallen)
  • Wind Chimes: Maybe it's called that because you still win 100-meter races afterwards - a fine composition of juniper, clove, allspice and lemon
  • Laori: Sounds like the South Seas, but comes from Berlin - extraction processes from perfume production are used in its production; the Berliners underpin the capital's claim to leadership by distilling each ingredient - juniper, cardamom, lavender and others - individually on a water basis
  • Lyre's: Not quite so lyrical, the name, but a grand master of no-turn spirits from the UK - a perfect balance of juniper, citrus and pepper berries

Non-alcoholic gin and what you should know about it

There is a lot of half-knowledge surrounding the topic of alcohol-free gin. Dedicated gin drinkers turn up their noses. The alcohol is missing - it can't taste good. Period. Others point to the prices and complain: "Why should I pay over 20 euros for a soda like this?" But that's where the injustice begins. No, non-alcoholic gin is not a "soda". High-quality products are made like gin, with real distillation. This is even more difficult than without "revolutions". And yes, the result can taste good. You just shouldn't expect a one hundred percent copy of your beloved Promille gin. Non-alcoholic gin is different: a fine category of its own in the world of gin. And definitely a real alcohol-free alternative for any party that you want to end sober.

Gin without alcohol but with pleasure

The community of non-alcoholic spirits has grown ever larger in recent years. No, these are not pale concoctions that trickle down your throat thin and boring. What has long been true of barley juice has now also reached the experimental distilleries: Alcohol-free tastes good. And let's be honest: aren't there enough occasions when a clear head would be the better alternative?

Gin is the art of composition. Each house has its own botanicals and blending methods. There are countless possible combinations based on juniper and coriander. Non-alcoholic gin is not a by-product of gin production. It is an art form in its own right. The challenge for all master distillers is to create a super-tasty, multi-layered gin without alcohol as a flavor carrier. You can see how well they succeeded in this task in our range. Doing without alcohol does not mean doing without enjoyment.

An alcohol-free gin should be celebrated. The distillery has invested just as much art and effort in its production as in its alcoholic brother - if not more. So chill it slightly (13 to 15 degrees), pre-chill the glass too, add a few ice cubes, concentrate and enjoy! Non-alcoholic gin tastes good on its own or as a gin and tonic. Try it with Indian tonic water, which is more subtle and leaves more scope for the flavor nuances. Non-alcoholic cocktails such as a Negroni or Basil Smash can also be made well with this non-alcoholic substance. Once opened, the bottle will keep in the fridge for up to eight weeks.

Alcohol-free gin FAQ

What is alcohol-free gin?

Non-alcoholic gin is a real alternative to regular gin. There are just as many styles and a fine balance. Also suitable for gin and tonic and cocktails.

How is a non-alcoholic gin made?

A wide variety of producers are trying their hand at non-alcoholic gin. And the approaches are also different. The exact process is a trade secret. There are basically three ways to achieve this. The first is to produce gin normally and remove the alcohol. Second: Alcohol-free gin as flavored water with essences of balanced gin botanicals. Thirdly: Alcohol-free gin through steam distillation together with a larger quantity of botanicals.

Which is the best non-alcoholic gin?

Which is the best non-alcoholic gin? Purely a matter of taste. And that also applies to other non-alcoholic drinks. Distilled products perhaps bring the finest nuances to the glass. Take a look around, we are sure to have your personal best gins.

Does non-alcoholic gin have alcohol?

"Normal" gin contains at least 37.5 percent alcohol. Non-alcoholic gin contains - no, usually not 0.0 percent, but up to 0.5 percent alcohol. However, there are also completely alcohol-free products.

Can I also buy non-alcoholic whisky from you?

The range of non-alcoholic whisky is also slowly growing. At the moment we only have Lyre's American Malt on offer. You can find other non-alcoholic whiskies under: Whisky.

Where can you buy non-alcoholic gin?

At our marketplace, of course - we constantly have new non-alcoholic gin alternatives for you in our range. For Dry January or for sober party nights that don't have to do without enjoyment.