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7,000 independent products

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Deheck Manufaktur gin chocolate balls
5,00 (€31,25 per kg)
BySusann Chocolates
BySusann Chocolates
9,50 (€118,75 per kg)
9 pralines "Glücksgefühle" (vegan)
13,90 (€173,75 per kg)
Chocolate Thaler Signature Collection 3 (vegan)
12,00 (€88,89 per kg)
Chocolate Thaler Signature Collection 1
12,00 (€88,89 per kg)
36 pralines "Highlights"
49,90 (€150,76 per kg)
16 "Dreamteam" chocolates
23,90 (€165,97 per kg)
4 pralines nut nougat & cashew cherry
6,90 (€191,67 per kg)
25 pralines "Masterpieces"
36,90 (€159,74 per kg)
Chocolate Thaler Signature Collection 2
12,00 (€88,89 per kg)
9 pralines "Nougat"
13,90 (€173,75 per kg)
4 pralines salt caramel & almond crunchy
6,90 (€191,67 per kg)
4 pralines Almond Crisp & Nut Nougat
6,90 (€191,67 per kg)
4 pralines cashew cherry & passion fruit caramel
6,90 (€191,67 per kg)
16 "Herzensmensch" chocolates
23,90 (€161,49 per kg)

Buy chocolates online Honest & Rare

Chocolates are the pinnacle of chocolate art - fine, luxurious and irresistible. At Honest & Rare you will find an exquisite selection of handmade chocolates and other fine sweets. Each praline is a small work of art made with love and care. Discover the variety and incomparable taste of our chocolates.

Types of pralines

Our pralines are available in different varieties, from classic flavors to innovative creations. Here are some of the most popular varieties:

Ganache pralines

Ganache pralines consist of a delicate filling of chocolate and cream that melts in the mouth. They are available in a variety of flavors, from dark chocolate to exotic fruit flavors.

Nougat pralines

Nougat pralines are filled with a creamy mixture of nuts and chocolate. These chocolates offer a rich, nutty flavor and a smooth, creamy texture that makes every bite a delight.

Liqueur pralines

Liqueur pralines contain a liquid filling of fine liqueur covered in smooth chocolate. They are ideal for special occasions and as a luxurious gift.

How pralines are made

Selection of ingredients

The quality of pralines begins with the selection of the best ingredients. High-quality chocolate, fresh cream, exquisite nuts and the finest liqueurs ensure an incomparable taste experience.

Artisan production

Pralines are made in small batches and with great craftsmanship. Each praline is shaped and decorated by hand to ensure the highest quality and unique design.


The finished chocolates are carefully packaged to preserve their freshness and flavor. Stylish gift packaging makes them perfect for special occasions.

Enjoyment and use of pralines

Enjoying pralines the right way

Chocolates should be enjoyed at room temperature to develop their full flavor. They are ideal as a dessert after a festive meal or as a sweet treat between meals.

Correct storage

Store pralines in airtight packaging in a cool, dry place to preserve their freshness and consistency. Temperatures above 18 degrees Celsius should be avoided to prevent the chocolate from melting.

Combinations and pairings

Chocolates can be perfectly combined with various drinks. Dark chocolate pralines go well with a glass of red wine or port, while milk chocolate pralines are ideal with a cup of coffee or tea. Experiment with different combinations to enhance your taste experience.

Discover the world of chocolates at Honest & Rare and enjoy the variety of handmade delicacies. Our carefully selected chocolates offer you a luxurious taste experience not to be missed.