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Mixed crate - 15x wine spritzer all varieties
Mixed crate - 15x wine spritzer all varieties
0€ shipping
39,90 (€9,67 per l)
12x REINSCHORLE Rosé - organic wine spritzer in a bottle
26,90 (€8,15 per l)
3x organic wines mixed (rosé + red wine + white wine)
3x organic wines mixed (rosé + red wine + white wine)
0€ shipping
29,90 (€13,29 per l)
12x REINSCHORLE Riesling - organic wine spritzer in bottle
26,90 (€8,15 per l)
DISIPY the wine tasting game
23,20 (€10,31 per l)
Voyatzi wine box set of 2 (1x white wine + 1x rosé)
Voyatzi wine box set of 2 (1x white wine + 1x rosé)
26,00 (€17,33 per l)

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Wine packages are a great choice for wine lovers. If you like discovering new wines and want to try different varieties, they are a convenient way to do so. Once you've found the right package, you'll receive a carefully curated selection of premium wines that are perfectly matched and can't be found everywhere.

With your wine package, you can easily organize a wine tasting at home and be surprised by the variety of flavours. This way, you can discover new favorite wines and expand your wine knowledge without having to do extensive research yourself.

Enjoy the diversity of the world of wine with practical and appealing wine packages!

Wine packages as a gift idea

Wine packages are a great gift idea for all the wine lovers out there. Combined with carefully selected bottles and maybe even some delicious snacks, such a package can be a real treat.

Not only does it offer the opportunity to try different wines, but also to discover and enjoy new flavors. A wine package is therefore a gift that is both personal and tasteful - ideal for special occasions or simply as a thank you.

Packages with red wine, white wine, mulled wine, sparkling wine, Prosecco & Co, rosé, wine spritzer or even non-alcoholic wine

We offer you a large selection of exclusive wines in packages online. In addition to red wine, white wine and rose, you will also find packages with non-alcoholic wine, wine spritzers, mulled wine and of course rosé, sparkling wine, Prosecco & Co. We offer you quality instead of quantity from non-mainstream wineries!

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On our online marketplace, you can order high-quality wine packages from the comfort of your own home. The focus is on quality rather than quantity, safety and reliability of the delivery of wine sets. Ordering wine parcels online not only offers convenience, but also flexibility and speed. You can browse through the various offers at your leisure and order your favorite wines with just a few clicks.