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Coffee Gin

27,90 (€55,80 per l)
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Content: 0,5l
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Delivery to Germany: 4,95
Shipping time: 3-5 working days
Geschmack Espresso aromas, tart, fruity, citrus
Lead Botanicals Coffee
Herkunft North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Alkoholgehalt 41.8% vol.

More information about Coffee Gin

Spirits of Kaldi Coffee Infused Gin is the unique combination of two traditional crafts that would have belonged together much earlier - barista and bartender.

Our Coffee Gin was created from the synergy of coffee house and cocktail bar, seducing you into a warm world of noble roasted flavors combined with juniper and lemon.

Spirits of Kaldi is a team of young baristas and bartenders who have come together to expand the fine and diverse world of gin with a component they themselves have been missing - a coffee gin that can do both: Coffeehouse and Cocktail Bar. The refreshing world of gin & tonic combined with the mind and soul invigorating world of good coffee.

For our Coffee Gin, we collaborated with a coffee roastery and developed our own blend of beans, which we specially adapted to our gin. The result is a composition of roasted aromas, nut and chocolate in combination with juniper and lemon, in which neither gin nor coffee come up short. Our gin is tart and fruity at the same time and convinces in the finish with warm espresso flavors.

Location: Schwelm
Botanicals: juniper cone, juniper, cardamom, lemon, pepper, allspice, licorice, tonka, vanilla, clove, coffee
Country: Germany
Content: 0,5 Liter
Manufacturer: Spirits of Kaldi
Number of botanicals: 11
Drink type: Gin
Food companies: RUG Riemer & Uhles KG, Kirchstraße 9, 58332 Schwelm, Germany

Spirits of Kaldi

The name Spirits of Kaldi and our logo refer to the discovery of coffee as an invigorating drink by man and goats, respectively. According to legend, Kaldi was a goat herder from Ethiopia who, around the year 850, noticed that whenever his goats ate certain red berries from a certain bush, they suddenly became very energetic and jumped around hyperactively. He tried the berries himself and, excited by their effect, took them to an Islamic monk. He was not at all taken with them and threw them into the fire in disgust, whereupon a seductive scent suddenly filled the room. The beans were quickly picked up, crushed and brewed with water, creating the world's first coffee. For our Coffee Gin, a conglomerate of bartenders and baristas got together and tasted various coffees and compositions of different beans. Over time, different flavor profiles were worked out and the individual...

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Coffee Gin als Cocktail

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