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Elixir gin

29,99 (€59,98 per l)
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Content: 0,5l
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Honest & Rare Promise: Not A Mainstream Product Honest & Rare is the marketplace where we bring together the best of the pleasure world for you. Each product comes from an independent manufactory & is not widely available in stores. Your place for alternatives to the mainstream.
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Ship It GmbH
Geschmack mild, herbal, sweetish
Herkunft Berlin, Germany
Alkoholgehalt 40% vol.

More information about Elixir gin

Elixir Gin is a true ricochet in the German gin market. Crazy, unusual, fruity. The bottle plays the slightly crazy nature of the makers again with a very fancy design and a beautiful flat bottle. Taste-wise, Elixir Gin offers an unusual combination of woodruff, juniper, herbs and a sweet note. A total of 15 herbs and berries give the Elixir Gin its round, fresh taste experience. Also pure, on ice, this gin is a pleasure.

Cocktail recipe with Elixir Gin

3cl Elixir Gin
3cl rhubarb syrup or rhubarb liqueur
3cl fresh lemon juice
2cl sugar syrup
approx. 10cl soda
Makes the wonderful rhubarb and woodruff mix with Elixir Gin. A really great summer drink

Location: Berlin
Botanicals: Juniper, woodruff
Country: Germany
Content: 0,5 Liter
Manufacturer: Free Spirits UG
Number of botanicals: 15
Drink type: Gin
Food companies: Free spirits UG, Am Zirkus 3a, D-10117 Berlin

Free Spirits UG

We have a heart for originals, unique pieces and weird birds. We like loud music in the morning and cool drinks in the evening. Not everything always goes as smoothly as we would like, but that's also good, because we want to have fun with what we do. Regardless of what the competition is doing. Elixir Gin, a true magic potion. A tribute to childhood memories, the circus and woodruff. A gin as you have not known it before. A very unique taste, but one that quickly seems familiar. The unusual combination of woodruff and juniper give our gin a mild, herbaceous sweet note. Refined by a total of 15 herbs and berries a round, fresh taste experience. With 40% one of the few gins that can even be enjoyed neat. Only who is brave enough to try this maverick comes to the pleasure of being enchanted.

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Freie Geister UG

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