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Myth in a bottle - 2x Craft Gin (1x Roshain Siebengebirge Dry Gin + 1x Roshain Siebengebirge Sloe Gin)


2 bottles each 0.5 liters - order is free shipping!

57,44 (€57,44 per l)
Including tax 71,80 You save: €14,36 (20%)
Content: 1,0l
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Herkunft North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

More information about Myth in a bottle

The gins of Roshain are shrouded in legend. Once a count wanted to win the beautiful maiden Roshain for himself and kidnapped her to Rosenau Castle. However, she was strong and steadfast, so the count wanted to leave her to rot in a dark stone cave. However, the beautiful Roshain flew out again on her broom and made sure that the count was thrown into the forest by a gust of wind. Even after that, no Count of Rosenau ever became happy again. Today the castle is a ruin. Read the whole:

"Legend of Roshain"

Just like the maiden Roshain, the Gin of Roshain is complex, powerful and has a decent touch of delicious lavender.

As a counterpart to the Dry Gin, enjoy the fruity Roshain Siebengebirge Sloe Gin.

Roshain Siebengebirge Dry Gin:

From the Seven Mountains. For all senses.

Seductively gentle, pleasantly appealing, naturally diverse, and yet surrounded by hard stone: the Roshain Dry Gin is like the essence of the Siebengebirge, this unique nature reserve that means home to us and teaches us humility whenever we look out the window of the Roshain distillery at the simultaneously gentle and rugged hills. That's why all Roshain botanicals are 100% organically grown. For special custom series of Roshain Gin, lavender from our own garden at the foot of the Siebengebirge is used. The fine stoneware bottles perfectly protect the exquisite ingredients and preserve the gentle aroma.

Or buy directly individually: Roshain Siebengebirge Dry Gin

Alcohol content: 47% vol.

Roshain Siebengebirge Sloe Gin:

Roshain Gin is myth to enjoy. Enjoy its unique taste neat, on ice or however you like. We have made Roshain Gin with the utmost care.

Or directly: buy Roshain Sloe Gin

Alcohol content: 30% Vol.

Location: Königswinter
Country: Germany
Content: 1,0 Liter
Content per individual product: 500ml
Manufacturer: Roshain
Drink type: Gin
Food companies: Roshain Spirits Manufactory, Christian Fech, Humboldtstraße 5, 53639 Königswinter, Germany


The saga of Roshain. The gin with history. A count, a castle, a broom: The legend of Roshain Once upon a time, a count of lower nobility lived in Rosenau Castle in the Siebengebirge on the Rhine. He was truly no role model in matters of manners and education. At least he knew that. And he knew how to help himself: He wanted to take the beautiful maiden Roshain as his wife, who would inherit a valuable treasure. But Roshain had a strong character. She rebuffed him. So the count once again lived up to his bad reputation and kidnapped the young beauty to Rosenau Castle. He treated Roshain very badly, hoping to break her will. If she became his wife, he could get hold of her valuable treasure. She remained strong and steadfast - even when the count chased her with a broom to the door for sweeping in winter. Then the count lost his temper and shouted at her, "Go rot in the ground!"...

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