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Our mission

Our mission: to bring together the flavorful diversity of the beverage world on one platform, thereby offering people an easily accessible alternative to standard beverages from big brands.

Honest & Rare has a pretty clear mission: to help small, regional beverage producers gain wider reach for their products. We love the creativity, boldness, diversity and quality of the craft beverage world. And, accordingly, the ideas and stories of the people who put all their passion into developing and making their beverages.

Wider reach means helping smaller manufactures promote their beverages to even more customers. After all, it's no longer a secret that more and more people are turning to special, high-quality beverages made by hand. This is precisely the movement we are supporting: We want to give people a platform to be able to find and buy rare beverages simply and easily.

For this purpose, we use the advantages of online marketplaces. This gives all producers the opportunity to offer, market and sell their products online. And for you - our customers - this approach gives you access to the entire wonderful beverage landscape. You'll only find products that you wouldn't find in every supermarket or even in a specialty beverage store. This is exactly the added value we want to offer you: special, selected craft beverages and no mass industrial products.

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