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"RHABARBIE" Fermented organic birch juice with rhubarb 12x0,33L

29,99 (€90,88 per l)
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Content: 0,33l
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Öselstuff OÜ
Rhubarb, refreshing, lightly sweetened
Herkunft Saare, Estonia

More information about "RHABARBIE" Fermented organic birch juice with rhubarb 12x0,33L

Pink and youthful - it's out of this world! It's BARBIELICIOUS! But, this juice is more like an Estonian grandmother's cake. Don't have one? Well, drink this beverage and feel like you have one. Rhubarbie is everyone's favorite spritzer!

- One bottle provides 8% of your daily potassium needs, 7% of daily folic acid needs, and 6% of daily manganese needs.

- Based on FERMENTED birch sap

- Lightly sweetened

- Without additives

- Perfect thirst quencher

- With carbonic acid

Every bottle supports: World Cleanup Day

"RHABARBIE": BIO Fermented birch drink with lactic acid bacteria and rhubarb.

Location: Saaremaa
Country: Estonia
Content: 0,33 Liter
Content per individual product: 330ml
Manufacturer: ÖselBirch
Contains carbonic acid: Yes
Ingredients: Water, fermented birch juice* (30%), rhubarb juice* (17%), sugar*, aronia juice*, carbonic acid. Average nutritional values per 100ml: Calorific value 50kJ / 12 kcal; Carbohydrates 3.2g; of which sugar 3.2g; Contains minor amount of fat, saturated fat.
Drink type: Soft drink
Food companies: Öselstuff OÜ, Rannamõisa, 93462 Kallaste, Saaremaa, ESTONIA
Organic (according to EC Organic Regulation): YES
Nutritional values per 100g: Calorific value 50kJ / 12 kcal | Carbohydrates 3.2g | Of which sugar 3.2g | Contains small amount of fat, saturated fat, protein, salt


ÖselBirch is a family-run company that produces refreshing drinks from birch water. The foundation was inspired by our beloved grandma. Every spring, when the snow began to melt, she would cut the trees and collect the nutritious and delicious birch sap. During the summer vacations, when we were off school and the days were long, we used to visit Grandma on Saaremaa (aka. Ösel), the largest island in Estonia. The birch water, which was fermented until then, was the best refreshment on hot days in the meadows. We are three sisters and an older brother who balances our crazy ideas: Katri, Anne-Liis, Mirjam and Ardon. As life goes, we now live in different countries: While our brother, Ardon, and eldest sister, Katri, live in Estonia, the two younger sisters, Anne-Liis & Mirjam, have gone out to conquer the world and study abroad. Today we live in Cologne, Germany and Cardiff, Wales...

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