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Fruit liqueur set (blackberry + raspberry + cherry)

39,00 (€65,00 per l)
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Contents: 0,6l
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`s guate Tröpfle

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Herkunft Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

More information about Fruit liqueur set

's guate Tröpfle fruit liqueurs in a set of 3 - ideal as a gift or to enjoy yourself!


1x raspberry fruit liqueur

Our raspberry liqueur brings back memories and dreams of our home garden or grandma's fruits and how we used to enjoy them. We get the best out of the intensely fruity taste of raspberries by giving our liqueur the time and love it needs to ripen to a sweet, intense flavor. Its strong color and the intense berry flavor developed through the long ripening process make this liqueur a fruity experience. It compensates for the taste of summer.

Taste: sweetish, intensely fruity
Alcohol content: 23.9 % vol.

1x cherry fruit liqueur

Taste: intensely fruity
Alcohol content: 16.6 % vol.

1x blackberry fruit liqueur

Our blackberry liqueur is a regional specialty from the Baar region, made from blackberries we have harvested ourselves. The very intense taste is also reflected in the depth of the color of the blackberries and their intense flavor. When prepared and given the necessary time to mature, the result is a truly intense delicacy that is not found very often.

Taste: intensely berry
Alcohol content: 16.2 % vol.

Location: Durchhausen
Country: Germany
Content per individual product: 0.2 liters
Contents: 0,6 Liter
Manufacturer: 's guate Tröpfle
Drink type: Liqueur
Food companies: 's guate Tröpfle, owner: Andrea Utz, Aschenreutestr. 28, D-78591 Durchhausen

's guate Tröpfle

In the region Schwarzwald - Baar - Heuberg, more precisely in Durchhausen in the district of Tuttlingen lies our home. Our liqueur manufactory produces distinctive, high-quality liqueurs. Here we attach great importance to quality and sustainability. None of our products contains artificial flavors, dyes, or other appropriate additives. Production by hand and with loving devotion The taste experience of a first-class, handmade liqueur cannot be compared with anything else. Only through intensive devotion, use of the best ingredients and attention to detail can such high quality liqueurs be produced. We leave nothing to chance and do not compromise on the quality of our liqueurs, either in the components we use or during the production process. With great attention to detail and a maximum of care and perfection, we combine traditional production and modern aspects to a great product....

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's guate Tröpfle