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Tastes of the Orient - 6x Sharbat Craft Lemonade (2x lemon & saffron + 2x pomegranate & rose + 2x lime & rose)


6 Flaschen Scharbat - 3 verschiedene Sorten

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Content: 1,98l
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Kumpel GmbH

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Geschmack refreshing, fruity
Herkunft Berlin, Germany

More information about Tastes of the Orient

Experience all 3 varieties of Sharbat - the tastes of the Orient. Saffron, rose and pomegranate.

Don't forget: Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world. And you can just drink it out of the bottle here!

Sharbat Lemon & Saffron:

This traditional combination of flower extracts and fruit juices invigorates the body, mind and soul. Five percent direct lemon juice makes this drink unmistakably refreshing. Each bottle also surprises with the taste of the finest Persian saffron - the most prized spice on earth. The red-golden splendid threads of the Crocus Sativus flower not only provide the special note, but also the golden-yellow color. Saffron has been coveted by many cultures for over 5000 years due to its beneficial properties. By the way, saffron has been proven to lift spirits.

- With real Persian saffron
- 5% direct lemon juice
- Traditional recipe
- Medium carbonated

Sharbat Pomegranate & Rose:

The seeds of sun-ripened pomegranates are gently pressed after harvest. This direct juice is processed by us. In combination with fine rose water, a sweet and sour, fruit-intensive taste experience is created. As a matter of principle, we do not use fruit juice concentrate. Our pomegranate thus retains its unadulterated taste. Whether on hot summer days or with food, Scharbat Pomegranate & Rose will convince not only fans of the fruit of paradise. Try it and see for yourself.

- With 30% pure pomegranate direct juice
- Traditional recipe
- Medium carbonation

Sharbat Lime & Rose:

The classic from the Orient. With five percent Persian lime juice and Persian rose water. Sharbat Lime & Rose contains less sugar than many traditional lemonades. Scharbat is best enjoyed chilled.

- With 5% lime direct juice
- Traditional recipe
- Medium carbonation

Location: Berlin
Country: Germany
Content: 1,98 Liter
Manufacturer: Sharbat
Drink type: Soft drink
Food companies: Kumpel GmbH, Friedrichstraße 171, 10117 Berlin


The love, strength and heartiness that is in our products should also reach you. Everything that we ourselves try to avoid in the food that we eat, does not end up in our drinks. Thus, we have chosen a manufacturing process in which our beverages are gently pasteurized. This allows us to avoid the use of preservatives. This approach poses many hurdles, but we remain true to our principles and the principles of Sharbat culture. The combination of flower extracts such as rose water and the most expensive spice in the world, saffron, also opens up a whole new perspective in the world of beverages. You may wonder why Scharbat is not offered in organic quality? Unfortunately, since we use special ingredients such as saffron or rose water, availability in organic quality is not guaranteed for the whole year. Nevertheless, our saffron and rose water meet organic standards.

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6x Sharbat lemon & saffron
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6x Sharbat Lime & Rose
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