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Kriek Lambic

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Content: 0,25l
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Herkunft Westflandern, Belgien
Alkoholgehalt 4% vol.

More information about Kriek Lambic

The brewers at the Belgian brewery Van Honsebrouck have chosen a very special fruit for their Kriek Lambic Traditionally, Kriek is made with cherries, as is the St Louis Kriek Lambic However, the team did not use just any cherries for their ruby red brew, but the fine fruits of the Oblacinska variety

This variety originally comes from Serbia and is a sour cherry When ripe, the fruit has a burgundy red color and a wonderful taste that balances sunny sweetness with crisp acidity The stone fruit is used for the production of juice, jams, liqueurs and other delicacies

The cherry does its best for beer: It gives the drink its wonderfully deep red color and the pale pink tint of the foam, as well as providing a wonderful aroma and an even better taste Before the cherries went into the kettle, They were soaked in the finest gueuze for six months This process deepened their own aroma and enriched it with that of the sour beer The St Louis Kriek Lambic captures the quintessence of the cherry and brings it into your glass The juicy sweetness of ripe fruit meets its refreshing acidity on the palate - an unbeatable combination!

Location: Emelgem
Country: Belgium
Content: 0,25 Liter
Manufacturer: Brasserie Van Honsebrouck
Grain and malt varieties: Barley, Wheat
Gravity: 11°P
Drink type: Beer

Brasserie Van Honsebrouck

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