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Windspiel Premium Sloe Gin


Windspiel Sloe Gin is a potato-based gin with sloes.

35,99 (€71,98 per l)
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Contents: 0,5l
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Geschmack intense juniper, aromatic sloe, floral citrus notes, spicy
Lead Botanicals Juniper, Sloes
Herkunft Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
Alkoholgehalt 33.3% vol.

More information about Windspiel Premium Sloe Gin

Windspiel Sloe Gin gets its very special character from the finest, hand-picked sloes from the Eifel region. As with all Windspiel gins, it is also based on schnapps made from potatoes from the Eifel!

Windspiel Sloe Gin is a delicious, sweet and spicy gin made with fresh, ripe sloes. Its aroma is particularly fruity and complex thanks to the additional herbal botanicals alongside juniper, lemon and sloe. The taste is therefore long-lasting and pleasantly sweet with a pleasantly herbal finish.

In addition to gin and tonic, sloe gin is also ideal for classic cocktails such as Martini, Negroni or Dry Martini.

A must for all sloe gin fans - especially if you are looking for a sloe gin that is not too sweet.

What Windspiel Sloe Gin tastes like

Windspiel Sloe Gin has everything we need for a summer refreshment: fruity, aromatic sloe, floral citrus notes and exciting spice from coriander, cloves and lavender - and not too sweet.

Which tonic water goes well with Windspiel Sloe Gin?

With its 33.3% vol. (making it a gin liqueur and not a "normal" gin in the legal sense), Windspiel Sloe Gin is perfect for pure enjoyment and is refreshing and sparkling with tonic water. A neutral dry tonic water that is not too sweet is best. The sweetness comes from the Windspiel Sloe Gin itself.

Location: Daun
Botanicals: Juniper, sloe, lemon, coriander, cloves, lavender
Country: Germany
Base alcohol: Potato
Contents: 0,5 Liter
Manufacturer: Wind Chimes Manufacture
Color: red
Drink type: Gin
Food companies: Windspiel Manufaktur GmbH, Maria Hilf Str. 6, D-54550 Daun

Wind Chimes Manufacture

Noble pleasure from the land - Windspiel could hardly be better described. The potatoes that make the premium spirits of Windspiel founders Sandra Wimmeler and Denis Lönnendonker so unique are grown in the particularly mineral soil of the Volcanic Eifel. They impress with their down-to-earth attitude, sense of style and sense of tradition. The spirits are handcrafted and sold in small batches. Windspiel is dedicated to Frederick the Great, the discoverer of the potato in Germany and his second passion: the Windspiel dogs.

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Windspiel Manufaktur

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