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Brauhaus Faust Brewer's Reserve 1237 - Barrel-aged beer


Much too good as a reserve for a rainy day

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Content: 0,33l
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rich fruit bouquet, full-bodied, reminiscent of rum pot and bourbon whiskey
Bitterwert (IBU) 24
Herkunft Bavaria, Germany
Alkoholgehalt 10.9% vol.

More information about Brauhaus Faust Brewer's Reserve 1237

Beer is a beverage that is usually enjoyed fresh. Many beers have an expiration date and no longer taste their best after this date arrives. To bridge times of war and unforeseen disasters, people used to always have a reserve in the cellar for safety. A beer that was still edible even after long storage and could be drunk when the fresh beer was just not accessible. Brauhaust Faust has developed such a reserve beer: Braureserve 1237. The beer's unusual name refers to the history of reserve beers and to the town history of Miltenberg. The home of Brauhaus Faust was first mentioned in a document in 1237 - an occasion to which a beer can be dedicated!

Braureserve 1237 is a creamy beer with a velvety-soft mouthfeel and gently pearly carbonation. It flows into the glass in an iridescent chestnut brown and forms a beige foam crown. What makes this beer special is the regional wine yeast used to ferment the hop brew. After the brewing process, the beer moves into specially designed wooden barrels for several months and develops its extraordinary, characterful taste deep down in the rock cellar. The brewing reserve enchants with a rich fruit bouquet of raspberry, melon, strawberry and plum. The barrel aging ensures a full-bodied taste reminiscent of rum pot and bourbon whiskey. Faust's brewers have created a masterful balance of sweet and sour notes, and the incomparable character of barrel-aged beers is particularly evident in the finish, making Braureserve 1237 a very special beer.

Extremely successful and far too good to be kept in the cellar as a reserve for a rainy day!

Location: Miltenberg
Country: Germany
Fits: Strong meat dishes, intensely chocolaty desserts, strong cigars
Content: 0,33 Liter
Smell: Fruity aromas of raspberry, melon, plum, rum pot and whiskey.
Manufacturer: Faust brewery
Grain and malt varieties: Barley
Gravity: 24°P
Color: Chestnut
Optimal drinking temperature: 12-16 °C
Ingredients: Water, barley malt, hops, yeast
Drink type: Beer
Food companies: Brauhaus Faust KG, Hauptstraße 219, 63897 Miltenberg, Germany

Faust brewery

Fortunately, the Faust family does not take its motto "Faust. That stays between us" is not taken quite so seriously. Otherwise, only the people of Miltenberg could benefit from the fine beer from the Faust brewery. Close to home The region is close to the Faust family's heart. This is reflected not only in their great commitment to local associations, Franconian culture and social institutions in the region. The ingredients for the first-class beer also come from Franconian farmers and suppliers. The traditional brewery in Miltenberg has now existed for more than 360 years, more than 100 of which were owned by the Faust family. With great love for its homeland, Brauhaus Faust is dedicated to protecting the environment; as recently as 2014, the family received the climate protection award from the Bund Naturschutz (Nature Conservation Union) for its important work. Not the first...

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