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Cornfetti - Wheat grain


Kornfetti - The colorful maker: The Korn that makes every party colorful and loud! With its extra-large malt content, it is extremely mild and delicious at the same time.

12,90 (€18,43 per l)
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Content: 0,7l
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Delivery details
Delivery to Germany: 5,90
Shipping time: 1-3 working days
Geschmack mild, sweet, nutty finish
Herkunft Hamburg, Germany
Alkoholgehalt 32% vol.

More information about Cornfetti


Kornfetti - The colorful maker is a grain that is extremely mild and delicious at the same time thanks to its extra-large malt content. Designed in Hamburg by street artist Bobbie Serrano, it is a real eye-catcher and is perfect for any colorful and loud occasion. Kornfetti is versatile and tastes extremely delicious in long drinks and cocktails as well as on its own as a shot. Kornfetti makes every party colorful and loud - a real highlight for anyone who likes it tasty.

Drink recommendation

As a shot or pure, we recommend enjoying our high-quality Kornfetti Korn at a drinking temperature of 10-16 C° to develop its full aroma.

If you prefer a refreshing drink, you can also enjoy Kornfetti Korn in a long drink with ice cubes. We recommend combining it with soda and lime or a delicious orangeade. Of course, Kornfetti Korn is also perfect for classic drinks that are usually mixed with vodka - only even tastier!

Our Kornfetti Korn impresses with its extremely mild and premium quality, which can be felt in every glass. Whatever the occasion, our Kornfetti Korn is always a good choice and makes for unforgettable moments.


Wheat, 100% from German cultivation, refined with velvety soft water from the Nordheide. Glass and raw distillate are sourced regionally. Designed in Hamburg.


Our Kornfetti Korn is produced using a special production method that gives the finished distillate a mouthfeel similar to that of a young whisky - the so-called white dog. Kornfetti owes this to good old malt sugar, which is produced from grain starch using amylase.

The high malt content ensures a mild sweetness and a surprisingly delicate nuttiness on the finish. The resulting raw distillate is already extremely tasty and is then gently adjusted to drinking strength with velvety soft water from the Nordheide.

Our Kornfetti Korn impresses with its quality and unique taste. Try it for yourself and be inspired by the mild subtlety and delicate nuttiness on the finish.


Appearance: clear, colorless

Aroma: slightly grain aromatic

Aroma: Typically fruity, malty, delicately sweet mouthfeel with a delicate

nutty aftertaste.

Location: Hamburg
Country: Germany
Content: 0,7 Liter
Manufacturer: Cornetti
Color: clear
Drink type: Grain brandy
Food companies: Hippo, Hummer & Co GmbH, Hallerstraße 72, D-20146 Hamburg


Kornfetti, the wheat grain with the extra-large malt content. We rethink Korn and create a salon-worthy new edition of the original drink. Extremely mild, versatile in long drinks or cocktails and also really tasty as a shot. Our wheat comes from 100% German cultivation. The bottle was designed by street artist Bobbie Serrano. Kornfetti is colorful, loud and delicious! #theColorfulMaker

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