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Maximum palatability - 20x craft beer from Braumanufaktur Hertl (10x Mutti's Sonnenschein Helles + 10x Opas Liebling Kellerbier)


20 bottles of 0.5l - order now with free shipping!

27,90 (€2,79 per l) + 1,60€ Bottle deposit
Including tax 29,90 You save: €2,00 (7%)
Content: 10,0l
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drinkable, mild
Herkunft Bavaria, Germany

More information about Maximum palatability

Braumanufaktur Hertl is the smallest brewery in Franconia. And, according to its own statement, also the coolest brewery in Franconia. See for yourself!

Especially if you fancy a really tasty beer, this craft package is for you. Kellerbier and Helle go down well - and thanks to master brewer David Hertl, Grandpa's favorite and Mummy's Sonnenschein go down even better.

Maximum quaffability is perfect for sharing with friends or enjoying a beer on the couch in the evening.

Braumanufaktur Hertl - die Familien Biere

Grandpa's favorite - the cellar beer:
Boozy cellar beer simply, differently. Smooth beer culture meets the hops of the new world!

Alcohol content: 4.8% vol.

Ingredients: Water, barley malt, hops and yeast

Order Grandpa's favorite Kellerbier individually here

Mummy's sunshine - light beer:
The heart of the Hertl brewery. Anyone who knows Mutti Vroni loves it.

Alcohol content: 4.9% vol.

Ingredients: Water, barley malt, hops and yeast

Order Mutti's Sonnenschein Helles Bier individually here

Location: Schlüsselfeld
Country: Germany
Content: 10,0 Liter
Content per individual product: 500ml
Manufacturer: Brewery Hertl
Drink type: Beer
Food companies: Brewery Hertl, Thüngfeld 61, 96132 Schlüsselfeld

Brewery Hertl

Brewmaster with heart and soul in the smallest brewery in Franconia - David Hertl is currently Germany's youngest brewmaster and beer sommelier, as well as a budding wine sommelier. At the age of 22, he completed his master craftsman training before subsequently supplementing his further training as a beer sommelier on a part-time basis. In 2013, he went into business for himself and opened his own brewery, Braumanufaktur. He discovered his passionate interest in brewing as a teenager. His first beer experiments in his mother's kitchen led to the former pigsty on his parents' farm being converted into a miniature brewery. Today, the charismatic young brewer already produces around 80 hectoliters of the finest beer on 80 square meters, and the trend is rising: a new brewhouse and further equipment are to boost production strongly, as demand for David Hertl's barley juice specialties...

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