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HOOK Gin gift set with 2 tumblers

46,99 (€93,98 per l)
Including tax 65,90 You save: €18,91 (29%)
Contents: 0,5l
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Delivery details
Delivery to Germany: 5,90
Shipping time: 1-3 working days
Lead Botanicals Juniper, Orange, Angelica root
Herkunft Hamburg, Germany
Alkoholgehalt 44% vol.

More information about HOOK Gin gift set with 2 tumblers

HOOK Sankt Pauli Gin is Hamburg. Because when the freighters from Spain, southern Italy or the Caribbean are unloaded in the port of Hamburg, we can no longer hide our anticipation - supplies for our lovingly selected ingredients from all over the world are in sight. In addition to traditional juniper and angelica root from northern Germany, we refine HOOK Sankt Pauli Gin with sweet oranges from our orange garden in Santanyi on Mallorca, coriander and lemons from southern Italy and curaçao oranges from the Caribbean. Get your stiff breeze and try our Hamburg idea of gin - created from a deep love of juniper distillate, produced according to a secret family recipe and then bottled by hand with love in the most beautiful city in the world. And the bottle looks good too. Clear and strong like a Hamburg sailor with 44% alcohol by volume, but not for the faint-hearted. This great gift set - with the Pauli Spirit Ball Bottom Tumblers and a sophisticated 2cl glass ball pourer - is a special present for any occasion or to enjoy together.

Geschenkbox: YES
Location: Hamburg
Botanicals: Juniper, angelica root, oranges, coriander, lemons, Curacao oranges.
Country: Germany
Contents: 0,5 Liter
Manufacturer: Sankt Pauli spirits
Drink type: Gin
Food companies: Sankt Pauli Spirituosen Gmbh, Reeperbahn 157, 20359 Hamburg

Sankt Pauli spirits

The love for Hamburg and the neighborhood are the inspiration for our spirits. We love the harbor, the lights, the colorful hustle and bustle and the many different people in our home. We want to give something back to this city! As a result, each of our good drops is an ode to life in Hamburg. Our crew will be complete with the honest MOIN Rum (Spiced Spirit), clear HOOK Gin, creamy Klötenlikör, summery HOOK Gin Orange, strong Kaffeelikör, spicy LÜMMEL Kümmel, delicious Hansekraut Kräuterlikör and the lovely Sankt Buca. We set sail and bring the true Pauli Spirit to you!

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