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Three Kings - 3x Craft Spirits (1x Marder Gin + 1x Marder Vodka + 1x Marder Rum)


3 bottles of 0.5l - order is free shipping!

101,50 (€67,67 per l)
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Content: 1,5l
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Herkunft Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

More information about Three Kings

This craft package cheers up all connoisseurs who like to enjoy their drops pure, but also want to conjure up a nice cocktail or long drink.

Spirits from Marder Edelbrände always promise the highest quality and a very special aroma.

With the Craft Package "Three Kings" you enrich yourself with three classics that you always have to have at home: Gin, Vodka and Rum.

Marder Gin:

Taste: clean, fresh, sweetness in the finish, licorice notes.

Our gin stands out for its clarity, its purity and its elegance.

It is what a gin actually is: clear, structured, with a striking freshness. On the nose, we can expect fine, delicate citrus aromas from the bergamot and a pronounced, yet elegantly fresh juniper aroma. The palate experiences incredible purity and a clean, fresh taste due to multiple distilling and the addition of clear spring water. In the finish, you experience an impressive sweetness, as well as subtle notes of licorice.

Enjoy the gin best pure, with ice, or quite classically with tonic water - gladly also in connection with other cocktails or long drinks.

Alcohol content: 43% Vol.

Order Marder Gin individually here

Marder Vodka:

Taste: velvety smooth, harmoniously light, subtle sweetness.

A fruit distiller distills a vodka? Clearly, this Marder vodka is not neutral. Consciously, this vodka tastes like something! We blended a fine rye distillate with one part malt spirit to create a subtle typicity. These two components make our vodka velvety smooth and also harmoniously light. On the palate we expect a subtle sweetness, ideal for pure enjoyment, but also as a perfect base for cocktails and long drinks.

Alcohol content: 42% vol.

Marder Vodka buy separately here

Marder Rum:

Taste: mild, long-lasting, slightly sweet banana and raisin.

Marder Rum is made from an organic sugar cane molasses from Paraguay. This is diluted with spring water before fermentation and a special yeast is added. The mash is then gently double distilled in the traditional raw and fine distillation process. After distillation in spring 2014, the rum was stored in different oak barrels. Through more than three years of aging, we can expect a sweet scent of vanilla, dried fruit and orange peel. Marder Rum is characterized by a slightly sweet taste of banana and raisin, which is mild and long-lasting on the palate.

Alcohol content: 42% vol.

Marder Rum buy here

All spirits and liqueurs from Marder you will find here in the store of Marder

Location: Albbruck
Country: Germany
Content: 1,5 Liter
Content per individual product: 500ml
Manufacturer: Marder brandies
Drink type: Spirit
Food companies: Stefan Marder, Marder Edelbrände, Fichtenweg 5, 79774 Albbruck - Unteralpfen

Marder brandies

Our philosophy is to bring out the flavors of nature as pure and unadulterated as possible, and to preserve them for you. The love for every single fruit comes into the glass for you. Our brandies are a harmoniously mild taste experience of a special kind. We are a family business in 3rd generation located in Albbruck - Unteralpfen a small village in the nature park Southern Black Forest, about 60 km south of Freiburg. Where the fruit allows, pure brandies are produced. Up to 20 kilograms of fruit are used for one bottle of distillate. Our assortment includes about 40 different brandies and some liqueurs made from berries, wild fruits, stone fruits, pome fruits, marc and beer. The working method and claim of our family business is to use only the best fruit in the optimal degree of ripeness. Our growers and suppliers work according to our specifications and demands: Fruits from...

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Marder Edelbrände

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