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Avontuur Espresso


CO2-neutral coffee imported by freighter!

Special espresso roast. Gently roasted by hand at low temperatures.

Choose your desired quantity and whether you want to receive the coffee ground or whole bean.

14,95 (€29,90 per kg)
Including tax
Für eine Tasse 200ml brauchst du etwa 12g Kaffee. Wir gehen von einer schönen Tassengröße von 125ml aus. Also rechnen wir mit 7,5g Kaffee für deine Tasse Kaffee.:
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Delivery details
Delivery to Germany: 4,90
Shipping time: 3-5 working days
nutty, chocolaty, full-bodied
Kaffee Anbauland Nicaragua
Herkunft des Kaffees Boaca, Nicaragua
Geröstet in Bremen
Kaffeesorte Arabica

More information about Avontuur Espresso

Our organic AVONTUUR coffee, imported directly from Nicaragua, is a holistically sustainable product that benefits the environment through the clean transport chain at sea and on land, and the producers in Nicaragua through the ecologically solidary cultivation.
But also in terms of taste, the high-quality Arabica coffee convinces with its strong and full-bodied flavor with a fine hint of chocolate.

Grown in small plots under shady trees in the highlands of Nicaragua, the ripe coffee cherries were hand-picked for the best coffee quality and dried into high-quality beans. In the traditional Bremen roastery Lloyd Caffee, these beans could then be gently hand-roasted into green coffee and espresso beans, preserving the diversity of flavors.

Transported solely by wind power on our cargo ship AVONTUUR, the organic beans were sailed from Central America to Hamburg without emitting any harmful emissions. Unloaded by hand from the AVONTUUR in Hamburg, brought to temporary storage by cargo bikes and transported by electric transporter to the Lloyd Caffee roastery in Bremen, our AVONTUUR coffee is one of the most environmentally friendly specialty coffees in Germany.

Our organic beans come from a self-governing smallholder farmers' association from the COSATIN/TIERRA NUEVA cooperative in Boaca, Nicaragua. The controlled organic cultivation preserves the fertility of the soil and also the health of the farmers.

Our AVONTUUR coffee was purchased directly from the cooperative from the Network of Central American Coffee Import and Export (MITKA) at a stable minimum price plus structural and organic premium and imported by freighter. The smallholder association can be maintained through this principle of solidarity agriculture, which in the long term can improve living conditions in Boaco. In fact, the price we pay for the high-quality organic beans is higher than both the world market price and even the Fair Trade price for coffee.

The organic certification of our company is not yet completed, so that our sailed AVONTUUR coffee does not yet adorn an organic seal, although it is 100% certified organic and ecofair.

Fairtrade / Direct Trade: Direct Trade
Country: Germany
Coffee wishes: Whole bean, 500g
Acid: Low acid
Coffee farmer: Cooperative Cosatin - Tierra Nueva
Quantity: 500g
Manufacturer: Avontuur
Drink type: Roasted coffee
Food companies: TimberCoast GmbH, Steinstraße 15, 26931 Elsfleth, Germany


Our story: During his more than 20 years of work experience in the shipping industry, Cornelius Bockermann was able to see for himself how we humans adversely affect our environment. With his company he carried out heavy transports for the oil industry. It was a lucrative business that earned him a lot of money, but it also made him aware of the impact that global transport shipping has on the oceans. More than 90 percent of global trade is handled by container ships, which are almost exclusively powered by heavy fuel oil. This fuel has long been banned on land and must be disposed of as hazardous waste. This makes the ocean giants quasi floating waste incinerators, for which there are only a few pollutant guidelines and which are subject to hardly any environmental obligations. It became clear to him that something had to change. He asked himself: How can companies and consumers be...

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