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Tasting package - 18x different craft beers

40,58 (€6,83 per l) + 1,44€ Bottle deposit
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Content: 5,94l
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Brauhof Saar GmbH

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Herkunft Saarland, Germany

More information about Tasting package

The get-to-know package from Brauhof Saar! Included in the set of 18 are:

1x Nice To Meet You - New England IPA 0,33 l

New England Indian Pale Ale with a fruity hopping. It is cold hopped with Enigma and gets a slightly sour aroma and a fruity fresh and juicy aroma of tropical fruits. Very drinkable yet refreshing.

Taste: tropical fruits, quaffable
Alcohol content: 5,7 % vol.

1x Oak Tree Bourbon Amber Ale - Whisky beer 0,33 l

A whiskey beer with a wonderful amber color and sweet bourbon aroma. Intense bourbon oak barrel aromas on the palate, paired with a subtly sweet malt note. Brewed with peated whiskey malt.

Taste: Bourbon oak barrel aromas, sweetish, malty.
Alcohol content: 5% vol.

1x Mango No. 5 - Sommebier with mango 0,33 l

Light summer beer brewed with fresh mangoes.

Taste: fruity, light
Alcohol content: 4,4 % vol.

1x Hops Thing Citra Ale - Single Hop Ale 0,33 l

A light yellow, naturally cloudy single hop with a subtle citrus aroma. Cold hopped, the Citra hops impart a fresh, citrus flavor and a tart finish that will be enjoyed by pilsner lovers.

Taste: hoppy, lemony, fresh, tart.
Alcohol content: 5.1% vol.

1x Brauhof Saar Infernal Pleasure - West Coast IPA 0.33 l

Bitterness meets fruity finish. Ideal with meat dishes and hearty meals.

Taste: bitter, fruity, hoppy
Alcohol content: 6,9 % vol.

1x Wheat Pale Ale Hot Pepper 0,33 l

A dark yellow color and a creamy, fine-pored bouquet. Flavor-wise, this is a wheat beer, slightly hoppy with subtly sweet aromas of tangerine. On the finish, the Weizen Pale Ale pivots to a spicy pepper note, making this beer what it is. Interesting.

Taste: lightly hoppy, tangerine, peppery spicy.
Alcohol content: 5.3% vol.

1x Black Bitch - black beer 0,33 l

A deep black beer with a white, fine-pored foam crown. The wonderfully sweet taste is dominated by roasted malt aromas. Suitable for both beer lovers and non-beer drinkers, but beware: high risk of addiction!

Taste: sweetish, quaffable, roasted aromas
Alcohol content: 4.8% vol.

1x Bavarian Angel - light Craft Beer 0,33 l

With only 20 BU, a lot of emphasis is placed on putting all the bitter units on the second half of the boil, so that little bitterness is in the foreground and a lot of flavor is in the finish. The new Diamant hops from the Hallertau region are used. With 11% original wort and an alcohol content of 4.5% by volume, this bottom-fermented beer is quite light and suitable for everyday use with all strong foods.

Taste: Hop bitter, light
Alcohol content: 4.5% vol.

1x Single Hop IPA Simcoe 0,33 l

Despite only one hop variety, this Indian Pale Ale is a wonderful taste experience. Brewed with 100% Vienna malt, this shipa is fruity and woody in flavor.

Taste: fruity, woody
Alcohol content: 5.8% vol.

1x Gurgelrutscher - Top Fermented Craft Beer 0,33 l

A subtle aroma of lychee and strawberry. The very soft initial drink transitions into mild malt aromas. In the finish, a fruity, citrus note with clear astringency from the hops.

Taste: mild malt aromas, fruity-citrus, hoppy-tart.
Alcohol content: 5.3% vol.

1x Cherry Meets Ginger - Top-fermented beer with ginger and sour cherries 0,33 l

As the name suggests, cherry meets ginger. The beer, colored red by the sour cherries, has a very natural ginger scent and a dominant cherry flavor. In the finish you can taste a slight ginger note, which brings the whole to perfection.

Taste: cherry flavor, light ginger note
Alcohol content: 5.3% vol.

1x Nocturnus Meeting - Creative beer with 7 malts 0,33 l

Brewed with seven different malts, this bottom-fermented black beer is very mild and round on the palate. A very malty taste develops in the finish. Goes well with white meat, game or desserts. Also good as an aperitif or digestif.

Taste: malty, mild, sweetish
Alcohol content: 5,3 % vol.

1x Our Hell's - lager beer 0,33 l

A light, bottom-fermented lager with a cereal and slightly sweet hop aroma. Very drinkable and tangy. A pleasant bitter hop flavor in the finish.

Taste: drinkable, hoppy, tart, tangy
Alcohol content: 4.8% vol.

1x Raspberry IPA 0,33 l

Heavily hopped Indian Pale Ale. This copper colored craft beer was brewed with fresh raspberries. A strong raspberry smell hits you right in the nose. A fresh raspberry note at the beginning and a rather tart hop flavor in the finish, make this beer a treat for the palate.

Taste: fruity, hoppy, tart, raspberries
Alcohol content: 7.2% vol.

1x Your Dark - Dark cellar beer 0,33 l

A bottom-fermented cellar beer with dark, red-brown coloring and fine-pored, caramel-colored flower. It has a malty aroma and a spicy malt flavor with a fine caramel note. Finely acidic and tart finish.

Taste: malty-spicy, caramel, fine tartness
Alcohol content: 4,9 % vol.

1x Hops Heaven One - Strong beer 0,33 l

This strong beer is hoppy and spicy in taste. Discreetly bitter and pleasantly dry finish.

Taste: hoppy, spicy, tart
Alcohol content: 8,5 % vol.

1x Blood Honey Ale - Craft Beer with blossom honey 0,33 l

Brewed with blossom honey, of which the cloudy, dark coloring immediately reminds. This is accompanied by a spicy honey aroma. Full-bodied malt flavor with a sweet caramel note. Rounded off by an elegant, not too obtrusive honey aroma.

Taste: malty, caramel, light honey aroma.
Alcohol content: 5.2% vol.

1x Treasure - Ginger Ale 0,33 l

Liquid gold - Spicy, sweet and drunk sour

Taste: fruity, spicy, slightly hot
Alcohol content: 4.5 % vol.

Location: Saarbrücken
Country: Germany
Content: 5,94 Liter
Content per individual product: 0,33 liters
Manufacturer: Brewery Saar
Drink type: Beer
Food companies: Brauhof Saar GmbH, Angela-Braun-Strasse 11, D-66115 Saarbrücken, Germany

Brewery Saar

At Brauhof Saar, tradition meets innovation. Since 2015, we have been brewing with passion and emphasize the highest quality. The result is a diverse range of different craft beers, hand-brewed with the highest quality ingredients from around the world. It all started in 2013, when we first launched "Flammbräu" at Flammkuchenhaus Saarbrücken. From there, we grew steadily, both our assortment and our experience. Almost three years later, our current brewery was born. Try it yourself and get to know a new brewing style!

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