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Craft Beer Tasting Set Mix Six Pack (1x Lager + 1x Rye Pale Ale + 1x Hefeweizen + 1x IPA + 2x Brown Ale)


6 high-quality craft beers from the Sauerland in a tasting package

17,92 (€9,05 per l) + 0,48€ Bottle deposit
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Content: 1,98l
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Clucking Hen - Creative Brewing

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Herkunft North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

More information about Craft Beer Tasting Set Mix Six Pack

The Clucking Hen Craft Beer Tasting Set Mix six-pack is our mix carton for tasting. The craft beer six-pack is ideal for anyone who wants to get to know our brewery.

What is included in the set?

1x Lupulo Lilium - Lager

"LUPULO LILIUM" is a sunny yellow beer with aroma hops Bobek, which smells of lilies and thus provides enormous spring fever! Cold-hopped, flowery and really tart!

  • Alcohol content: 4.9 % vol.

1x Rye Pale Ale - rye beer

Our RYE PALE ALE is a cold-hopped, aromatic pale ale that is enriched with rye. It is creamy in the mouth, spicy and lemony - the perfect balance between sweet and sour. Matured in the bottle!

  • Alcohol content: 6.3 % vol.

1x Sauvin Blanc - Hefeweizen

Nelson Sauvin hops awaken the taste of Sauvignon Blanc grapes in our wheat beer. The typical full wheat flavor is retained, along with a tangy acidity and a fresh, grape-like fruitiness.

  • Alcohol content: 5.1 % vol.

Clucking Hen Beauty Shot

1x Tropical Offspring - IPA

A total of five hop varieties come together in this tropical India Pale Ale creation - and make you long for white beaches and the deep blue sea.

  • Alcohol content: 6.8 % vol.

2x Young Adam - Brown Ale

This beer style is inspired by its origins: Adam beers were originally brewed in Westphalia. "YOUNG ADAM" is top-fermented and strongly brewed, releasing wonderful aromas of chocolate, caramel, dried fruit and nuts.

  • Alcohol content: 8.1 % vol.
1,98 Liter
Content per individual product:
0,33 liters
Clucking Hen
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Food companies:
Clucking Hen - Creative Brewing, owner Christina Triefenbach, Am Hainberg 11, D-59872 Meschede, Germany

Clucking Hen
We are BEERLOVERS! People who love beer. People who enjoy beer. People who like to try new beers. People who appreciate the craft of brewing. People who love the taste of beer. People who love the variety of beer... We grew up in the Sauerland region of Germany, where beer is very popular and traditionally Pils is drunk above all. Sometimes you have to get away from home to discover in Belgium that beer can be so much more. We picked up quite a bit from Belgian beer culture: You can have a beer (emphasis on the number one) during your lunch break. There is a drinks menu with a huge selection of beers, where everyone can find their favorite. People talk about the beers and the taste in the pub. One enjoys a beer with the meal.... Back in Germany, curiosity got the better of us to brew beer ourselves and try beers from all over the world. In the process, we were able to discover many... [Read more]
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