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`s guate Tröpfle
Finest liqueur from the Ländle. In the region Schwarzwald - Baar - Heuberg, more precisely in Durchhausen in the district of Tuttlingen lies our home. Our liqueur manufactory produces distinctive, high-quality liqueurs. Here we attach great importance to quality and sustainability. None of our products contains artificial flavors, dyes, or other appropriate additives. A liqueur becomes an art when the joy of the product jumps over to the customer.
We brew beer - Real. Organic. With heart. And directly from the region. We have made it our business to maintain the historical standard and tradition of brewing beer. Real fire crackles under our brewing kettle. Our freshly brewed beer is still cooled with a sprinkler cooler. We brew beer almost like 100 years ago. That is our philosophy. Our classic, naturally cloudy Helles {SUD1} is always available fresh from the brewery. Seasonally, we offer other brews in addition to our classic - including strong red beer, refreshing summer pilsner and drinkable festival beer.
365 Days of Gin
With us, everything revolves around the topic of GIN 365 days a year!
First polish craft spirits blog and online store with selection of premium distillates from country, that has a spirit in it's blood.
5020 London Dry Gin
5020 London Dry Gin Handcrafted from first to last step The 5020 London Dry Gin is gently distilled from 23 carefully selected botanicals in a small copper bubble. Through the gentle vapor infusion process, the floral and citrus aromas are transferred to the gin. For 10 weeks it is allowed to mature before we slowly grade it to drinking strength. This process takes 14 days, after which it is bottled unfiltered. All this makes the 5020 Gin very soft and balanced.
small heart project - no big company but great pleasure!
Four friends, united by a passion for good taste and design, began to create their own high quality spirits in 2015. With a lot of attention to detail and carefully selected ingredients, they created our MUSCATEL DISTILLED GIN, MUSCATEL SLOE GIN & HARALD SCHATZ WODKA.
In the boiler house of the former luxury paper factory Albrecht & Meister in Aroser Allee (AA), Berlin, built in 1908, the idea for AAGIN (eıdʒın) was born. A unique GIN composition that reflects the charismatic place of its foundation, its history and the associations associated with it as a tribute to the magnificent Berlin Belle Époque in its internal and external aesthetics. In the foreground, as with all classic gins, is juniper. It is framed by coriander and cardamom. AAGIN gets its special note from the intensity and purity of the ingredients, as well as the subtle citrus notes from gossamer fresh peel components and a further addition of fresh berry fruit. AAGIN was composed especially for pure enjoyment, but also harmonizes perfectly with a light or dry tonic.
Abenteuer Chili
"Adventure Chili is a food manufacturer that handcrafts deli products with or made from chili."
Abyme Bio Vodka & Rhizom Bio Gin Berlin
With Abyme Vodka and Rhizom Gin we offer you sustainable alternatives to the big liquor brands since 2015. With our independent organic spirits we set a new mixing standard to make the subculture freer from the big industry. We come from the Berlin club scene ourselves and are the first spirits company in the common good economy (ecogood.org/en). We work cooperatively and experiment in Berlin-Kreuzberg.
Achternbusch Destillerie GmbH
Achternbusch Distillery has been producing regional, handmade spirits since 2012, with a focus on sustainability and small-batch production.
AixVinum is an up-and-coming, dynamic wine trade from Aachen with a wealth of experience. Our great strength lies above all in the diversity of older vintages. After all, a great wine needs special storage and sufficient time to develop its full potential. We are particularly proud to be the general importer of the cult winery from McLaren Vale in Australia. This is where the unique wines of Mollydooker Wines are made! We were awarded by Feinschmecker as one of the "75 top wine stores in Germany with a wide international assortment". These awards encourage us in our work and continue to drive us to enrich our assortment with ever new top products. The name AixVinum stands for high product quality and outstanding performance. The personal contact in consultation, as well as planning and elaboration of joint projects, is very important for us.
Allegra Alpine Lifestyle Gin
"Allegra" one calls politely to each other and means "Rejoice!". Enjoy the day! Whenever the morning is over but the evening has not yet begun, this greeting can be heard in the Rhaeto-Romanic language area of the Engadin and Münstertal. Just like "Hallo", "Servus" or "Salve" elsewhere, this greeting is part of the everyday language there. But not simply as a greeting, but connected with the wish that the counterpart may have a good time. For this joy also stands "Allegra Alpine Lifestyle Gin", the award-winning pure drinking gin from Tyrol. Juniper accentuated, a light lemony freshness and grassy approaches of dried lemon balm, cucumber and hops form a wonderfully broad and from front to back absolutely coherent aroma picture. Rounded off with fresh mountain water, the alcohol is perfectly integrated. Joy at 1st sight and even after the 2nd sip! When tasted with tonic water, a gin & tonic is created that stands out from the crowd without completely losing its character. Thus, after the pleasure sets... More


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