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Beer vinegar - Unique vinegar for gourmets

Beer vinegar is a special delicacy made from high-quality beer through fermentation. At Honest & Rare you will find exquisite beer vinegar that gives your dishes an unmistakable flavor. Whether for dressings, marinades or for refining - beer vinegar is versatile and full of flavor.

What is beer vinegar?

Beer vinegar is usually produced by fermenting beer. Acetic acid bacteria convert the alcohol in the beer into acetic acid, which gives the vinegar its characteristic taste. Beer vinegar combines the aromas of the beer used with the fine acidity of the vinegar and thus offers a unique taste experience.

Possible uses of beer vinegar

Beer vinegar is versatile and goes well with many dishes:

  • Salad dressings: adds a special, malty note to dressings.
  • Marinades: Ideal for marinating meat and fish.
  • Refining: A splash of beer vinegar gives sauces and stews that certain something.