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Fessler Mühle Traditional Package - 1x Craft Gin and 1x Craft Whisky (1x mettermalt® Whisky classic + 1x alwa® mettermalt® Gin)


2 bottles of 0.5 l each - everything you need

69,80 (€69,80 per l)
Including tax
Contents: 1,0l
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Herkunft Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

More information about Fessler Mühle Traditional Package

The Fessler family, who run the fesslermill 1396® distillery, can look back on around 600 years of family history. Even their ancestors in the 15th century were millers and operated a mill.

The Fessler mill has now stood in Sersheim in the Ludwigsburg district for over 620 years and is still in operation today.

This traditional package of gin and whisky combines the pure regionality of production: grain distillates from local cultivation, barrels from the immediate vicinity, water from the Sersheim alwa mineral well spring and the mill's own water turbine, which is powered by the Metter river, provides the energy for distillation.

Order this craft package and enjoy pure tradition and regionality.

Fessler Mill Beauty Shot

mettermalt® Whisky classic:

The mettermalt® whisky classic is the classic and first whisky from the fesslermill1396 distillery®. The basis of the whisky consists of several types of grain (wheat, rye, spelt, barley malt) from the distillery's own regional farm, which were milled in the in-house Fessler mill, which is over 620 years old, using old-fashioned craftsmanship on the grist mill from 1870 with millstones. The grain was distilled several times in the distillery and then stored in the vaulted cellar of the Fessler mill, which is over 400 years old. This whisky was matured in wine barrels from Sersheim's partner municipality Canale (Piedmont/Italy), wine barrels from Sersheim and classic American ex-bourbon barrels.

Ingredients: Colorant (caramel)

Alcohol content: 40.0% vol.

Or directly: buy mettermalt® whisky online

alwa® mettermalt® Gin:

alwa® mettermalt® gin consists of a proprietary blend of herbs from the fesslermill1396 distillery®, which was distilled slowly in the distillation kettle together with alwa® natural mineral water from Sersheim over several trays of the distillation column. The long distillation time particularly emphasizes the fine herbal taste. Each gin is neatly bottled and labeled by hand. Pure craftsmanship to create a top-class product. Our gin was awarded gold at the Baden-Württemberg state awards in 2017.

The gin can be drunk neat or with tonic water as a gin and tonic.

Alcohol content: 45.0% vol.

Or order directly: alwa® mettermalt® Gin

Location: Sersheim
Country: Germany
Content per individual product: 500ml
Contents: 1,0 Liter
Manufacturer: fesslermill 1396
Drink type: Spirit
Food companies: Distillery Wolfgang and Tobias Fessler GbR, Untere Mühle 3, 74372 Sersheim

fesslermill 1396

At the edge of the Stromberg, surrounded by the Donnersberg, Klosterberg and Kirchberg, the Fessler Mill has stood in Sersheim an der Metter for over 620 years. For many generations, the millers of the Fessler Mill have been involved in agriculture and the cultivation of grain as well as its refinement. Orchard meadows and the cultivation of berries, fruits or special crops such as elderberry have a long tradition. Even the grandfathers had their own fruit processed into fine distillates or produced excellent apple and pear cider in the cellar of the Fessler Mill. For 50 years, the master millers of the Fessler Mill themselves and selected farmers of the region have been cultivating and processing special and distinctive types of grain such as Bauerländer Spelz, oats, rye or spelt. Care is always taken to ensure that nature and the miller with his mill, distillery and bakery are in...

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Fessler Gin & Whisky mit Wolfgang und Tobias