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Maennerhobby lemon liqueur


Maennerhobby Lemon Liqueur - Limoncello Baltic Sea Style!

19,90 (€39,80 per l)
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Delivery details
Delivery to Germany: 4,90
Shipping time: 2-3 working days
Geschmack fruity, fresh, tangy lemon
Herkunft Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany
Alkoholgehalt 20% vol.

More information about Maennerhobby lemon liqueur

Maennerhobby lemon liqueur - NATURAL. REAL. HANDMADE.

We have the best Limoncello from the north! The basis of our lemon liqueur is grain neutral alcohol, in which organic lemon peel and other fruits are macerated. To reduce then organic lemon juice is added. A whole quantity of it even. Add a little sugar - and finished is this ingenious liqueur, which became the national winner Germany at the "World Liqueur Awards 2019" and also performed brilliantly at the ISW.

How does the Maennerhobby lemon liqueur taste?

Our Maennerhobby Lemon Liqueur is different than typically pat sweet. It's fruity, tangy and exactly what you'd associate with a lemon.

How to drink the Maennerhobby lemon liqueur?

Gin-tonic was yesterday! 4cl Maennerhobby Lemon Liqueur, ice, tonic and 4 crumpled basil leaves - this is THE long drink for beautiful summerdays

0,5 Liter
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First MÆNNERHOBBY GmbH, Siedlungsweg 4a-b, D-18182 Klein-Kussewitz

REAL. NATURAL. HANDMADE - that is our motto at the MÆNNERHOBBY distillery. We produce high-quality spirits with a lot of passion and heart blood - since 2016! Martin Neumann had the idea to distill high-quality and regional spirits. He wanted to create something unique and different from what already existed. Although he did not yet know exactly where the journey should go, one thing was certain: the region needs great spirits and he wanted to follow this call. Together with his wife Katharina, Martin sat down to plan the future project. The name MÆNNERHOBBY was chosen relatively quickly - what else should a small distillery in the village where Martin distills good schnapps be called? At that time, no one knew how big the whole thing would become. Martin didn't have any real prior knowledge, but that wasn't a problem either. In our digital age, you can always help yourself. Of... [Read more]
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