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novino - the non-alcoholic alternative to red wine

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fruity, complex, mild
Rebsorte Cabernet Sauvignon
Jahrgang 2019

More information about novino

Sun-ripened grapes are traditionally pressed and carefully fermented for novino. Unlike winemaking, however, this process does not produce alcohol, but rather a variety of mild fruit acids.

The red 2019 novino combines the aromas of the Cabernet grape with wonderful fruit notes to create a multi-layered, fruity mild flavor.

The fermentation process significantly reduces the sweetness of the grape must, resulting in light fermentation and wonderfully complex fruit notes that combine with the characteristic aroma of the grape variety. The taste of novino is unique and opens up a whole new and unique dimension of taste.

For more background and information on the production of novino, click here.

Wine type:
Alcohol free red wine alternative
0,75 Liter
Drink type:
Non-alcoholic fermented grape juice
Food companies:
novino GmbH, Gleimstrasse 53, 10437 Berlin

novino, unique, naturally non-alcoholic We make novino from sun-ripened wine grapes that are pressed in the traditional way and carefully fermented. Unlike wine production, however, no alcohol is produced during fermentation, but rather an abundance of mild, fresh fruit acids. We think that a "special drop" belongs to a nice evening with friends - but it doesn't always have to be alcohol! And because there was no non-alcoholic beverage that met our requirements in terms of taste and production, we have been working on it ourselves for almost 4 years now, together with winemakers, cellar masters and biotechnologists. Our "special drop" should be complex and fruity-fine in taste, of course without alcohol and as handcrafted as a good wine from the vintner. How do we do that? We take single-varietal grapes from a small family vineyard in Rheinhessen. They are crushed, pressed and... [Read more]
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