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106 DIGESTIVO - Gran Botanico herbal spirit

85,90 (€122,71 per l)
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Contents: 0,7l
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Delivery details
Delivery to Germany: 5,90
Shipping time: 1-3 working days
Geschmack herbaceous, complex
Herkunft North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Alkoholgehalt 51% vol.

More information about 106 DIGESTIVO

The 106 DIGESTIVO impresses with its gentle taste, based on Passat salts collected by hand from rugged cliffs and selected French oak. Its touch of magic comes from the well-dosed proportion of wild porst, a forgotten medicinal plant from the Scandinavian moors. 106 herbal spirits are made with sense and understanding from 106 herbs and the unique Passat salt. They are a safe haven in the world of spirits. Together they are the essence of every well-stocked home bar. From all over the world - to all over the world.

The 106 was developed in 2013 in Hamburg's St. Georg district by Dr. Alexander Lüdeking, who was looking for a first-class digestif with a sensual taste and a high proportion of effective herbs. The result of this search was a digestif composed of 106 herbs from the entire plant kingdom, a pinch of salt from sea spray and a hint of honey. All the ingredients come from the same year, giving it a very special vintage character. Each individual bottle is produced by hand, giving it the distinction of being "industry-free".

Following the production process, the 106 rests on the seabed for a full six months to mature in peace. The winter months are preferred for this in order to ensure a stable temperature curve for the entire maturing process. The classic schooner yacht "Samyrah" is used to transport the bottles to their destination. A piece of teak wood at the bottom of the bottle supports the maturation of the 106 and vividly symbolizes its connection to the sea. A naval physician, Dr. James Lindt and the great explorer James Cook were also the inspiration for the 106 thanks to their outstanding knowledge of the vitalizing functions of high-quality herbs. The 106 is best enjoyed after a good meal in a tall-stemmed spirit glass, at room temperature and in small, individual sips.

Location: Hiddenhausen
Country: Germany
Contents: 0,7 Liter
Manufacturer: 106s
Number of botanicals: 106
Drink type: Spirit
Food companies: 106er UG (limited liability), Siemenstrasse 37, D-32120 Hiddenhausen


The 106 is a body-conscious spirit and the modern evolution of the historical custom of carrying highly concentrated plant extracts on sailing ships to prevent illnesses at the time. Its traditional name is the Gran Botanico, in tribute to Dr. James Lind 1753, a Royal Navy physician. James Cook was the first to believe in the power of plants in 1776, and from then on he never lost any of his men. Only its gentle production by hand guarantees the best possible extraction of all important ingredients. That the 106 botanicals come from the best cultivation is of course a matter of course for us. Because we vouch for the luxurious quality of 106 with our own self-imposed commitment to use only the best. For us, an honor and a promise.

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