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7,000 independent products

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All products listed with us must meet our Honest & Rare promise. This allows us to promise you that you will only find high-quality, regional beverages from smaller producers. All beverages are approved by us before they can be purchased.

When you order beverages from us, you buy directly from the producers or from an independent seller of craft beverages.

For example, if you buy beer or coffee, your package will come directly from the brewery or roastery. It's the same with wine, spirits and our sodas, of course. You can't get drinks much fresher than that.

The sellers receive your order and take care that the drinks arrive at your home as soon as possible. Of course, we make sure that everything goes smoothly and that both our sellers and you have a relaxed and enjoyable shopping experience in our marketplace.

Of course, you are also welcome to browse and store by brand. Here you will find an overview of all brands and their beverages that you can buy from us.