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6x Likörium Original Dresden liqueurs tasting package

24,99 (€56,80 per l)
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Contents: 0,44l
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Likörium Dresden

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Herkunft Saxony, Germany

More information about 6x Likörium Original Dresden liqueurs tasting package

The package contains:

1x Original Dresden Blueberry Pepper Liqueur 0.1 l

Original Dresden Blueberry Pepper Liqueur: velvety blue blueberries with a fully ripe sweet finish meet fiery hot pepper. Our "blueberry meets pepper" composition will amaze many a palate with how well the two ingredients harmonize. Enjoy our berry-peppery liqueur neat or on ice. Mix unusual cocktails or refine a variety of dishes in your kitchen.

1x Original Dresden Elderberry-Lavender Liqueur 0.1 l

Original Dresden Elderberry-Lavender Liqueur: The burgundy juice of sun-ripened elderberries meets the aromatic blossoms of real lavender. Elderberry and lavender create a harmonious taste that suits every season and mood. Whether chilled pure in summer or slightly warmed in winter, mixed with sparkling wine or in delicious cocktails, it is always a real treat.

1x Original Dresden Rosemary Pear Liqueur 0.1 l

Original Dresdner Rosmarin-Birne Liqueur: Rosemary with its camphor-like, spicy aroma and tart note is combined with sun-ripened pears. The result is a liqueur with a unique taste that is slightly tart with a slight fruity sweetness. Enjoy it pure or iced, mixed with sparkling wine or in delicious cocktails as well as in the kitchen to enhance the finest dishes such as desserts, sauces and dressings.

1x Original Dresden Pear and Plum Liqueur 0.1 l

Original Dresdner Kräuterbitter: Over 40 high-quality ingredients give our Original Dresdner Kräuterbitter its unmistakable taste. We make it from purely natural herbs and spices and only bottle it after it has matured perfectly. We devote a great deal of patience and understanding to our high-quality raw materials in its production. Enjoy Original Dresdner Kräuterbitter chilled or on ice. However, the best flavor is achieved at room temperature.

2x Original Dresdner Herbal Bitters Mini 2cl

Original Dresden Pear and Plum Liqueur: Sun-ripened pears meet purple plums and combine with a handful of selected berries to create a fruity, sweet liqueur. Whether pure or on ice, in classic or unusual cocktails and long drinks, as well as to refine desserts - find out how you like it best.

Likörium Beauty Shot

Location: Dresden
Country: Germany
Content per individual product: 0.1 liter + 0.02 liter (small bottles)
Contents: 0,44 Liter
Manufacturer: Liqueurium Dresden
Drink type: Liqueur
Food companies: Likörium Dresden GmbH | Altkaitz 1c | 01217 Dresden

Liqueurium Dresden

With love and passion we devote ourselves to the production of high-quality spirits and put all our attention to the best quality. We are Lars Henning and Daniel Weinhold - the founders of the manufactory "Likörium Dresden". The enthusiasm to produce high quality spirits has gripped us already at a young age and started with the personal interest to create unusual and individual delicacies. Growing up with a direct relationship to fresh foods such as fruits and herbs from our own harvest, helped us to use them conscientiously and in appropriate combination today. At the beginning of 2014 we decided to make our passion our profession and founded the company "Likörium Dresden GmbH". Production by hand Our company is dedicated to the centuries-old techniques to produce liqueurs and spirits in painstaking handwork. We attach great importance to the raw materials we use and try to obtain...

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Likörium Dresden