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BRLO Happy Pils in a can


A real lucky charm!

2,50 (€7,58 per l) + 0,25€ Bottle deposit
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Contents: 0,33l
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floral, citrus aromas of tangerine and orange, fine astringency
Bitterwert (IBU) 35
Herkunft Berlin, Germany
Alkoholgehalt 4.9% vol.

More information about BRLO Happy Pils in a can

For a long time, pilsner suffered from a bad reputation: one-dimensional, boring and extremely bitter. When craft breweries sprang up like mushrooms and enriched the beer scene with imaginative, creative and flavor-explosive brews, many dismissed pilsner as a relic of the past. But before the time-honored beer style could be completely forgotten, resourceful brewers gave the traditional beer style a new lease of life: interesting and exciting pilsners appeared on the market and brought the pilsner a renaissance.

The Berlin brewery BRLO also ventured a new edition of the Czech classic. The brewers used a lot of specialist knowledge and hops to create their self-proclaimed New Age Pilsner. Happy Pils is brewed with the aroma-intensive hop varieties Citra, Herkules and Hüll Melon and delights with a cornucopia of exciting hop aromas, wonderful freshness and clean tartness.

BRLO's Happy Pils flows into the glass in a brilliant amber gold and is topped with a decent amount of snow-white foam. Olfactorily, the pilsner is appealing with an atypical variety of aromas: the scent of freshly baked bread combines in the nose with lemon sherbet, roasted malt, juicy orange and a hint of blooming summer meadow. On the palate, this modern pilsner is also multi-layered: a soft, cereal malt base with notes of oven-warm cookies is accompanied by a splendor of hops ranging from freshly mown grass to sweet tangerine and candied orange peel. The subtle tartness perfectly complements the interplay of aromas.

Location: Berlin
Country: Germany
Fits: Appetizers with cream cheese and salmon, grilled dishes, cheese and cream cake
Contents: 0,33 Liter
Smell: Freshly baked bread, lemon soda, roasted malt, juicy orange.
Manufacturer: BRLO
Grain and malt varieties: Barley
Gravity: 11°P
Hops: Citra, Hercules, Huell Melon
Color: Amber
Optimal drinking temperature: 6-8 °C
Ingredients: Water, barley malt, hops, yeast
Drink type: Beer
Food companies: BRLO GmbH, Schöneberger Str. 16, 10963 Berlin, Germany


Brlo - Your Berlin Beer As a Berlin brewery and catering company, we stand for modern beer diversity and distinctive experiences. By the way, BRLO is the old Slavic name for Berlin and can only be pronounced without mistakes after a few beers. A Franconian, a Berliner and a Mecklenburger founded the Berlin beer brand BRLO in 2014. Two of them, Katharina Kurz and Christian Laase, already know each other from their studies. Diplom Braumeister Michael Lembke is the third in the group, who shared the dream and has been the mastermind of BRLO beers since the beginning. However, the BRLO team is only really complete in 2016, when Ben Pommer joins the founding team and has since been responsible for the culinary concept of the BRLO Gastronomien with his unmistakable passion. From the original two beer styles Helles and Pale Ale, many different beer styles have grown over the years: Starting...

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