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Coffee happiness - 3x Craft coffee from Indie Roasters (1x coffee 4 | 6 + 1x coffee 7 | 3 + 1x coffee 10 | 0)


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28,80 (€38,40 per kg)
Including tax
Für eine Tasse 200ml brauchst du etwa 12g Kaffee. Wir gehen von einer schönen Tassengröße von 125ml aus. Also rechnen wir mit 7,5g Kaffee für deine Tasse Kaffee.:
Quantity: 750g
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Kaffee Anbauland India
Geröstet in Bielefeld, North Rhine-Westphalia
Kaffeesorte Arabica, Robusta

More information about Coffee happiness

If you like to drink coffee, you love craft coffee - that is, coffee from small, regional specialty roasters. The smell is more intense, the aromas more pronounced, and the quality better.

In the case of our friends at Indie Roasters, there's also the fact that the coffee is imported directly from the coffee farmers in India to ensure fair and sustainable prices for the organic green coffee.

This craft pack is a treat for fragrant lovers, as well as a fun way to test out the different Arabica-Robusta blend ratios.

Indie Roasters Beauty Shot Röster

The coffee 4 | 6 consists of 40% organic Indian Arabica and 60% organic Indian Robusta coffee and is designed for preparation in fully automatic coffee machines. The coffee 4l6 is an all-rounder and makes a good figure as espresso and cappuccino as well as coffee cream.

Taste: crisp, round, chocolate-nut kiss

Preparation recommendation: fully automatic machine, French press. Those who like strong coffees should definitely try it from a portafilter machine.

Test winner coffee test of Crema Magazine 02/2015!

Order coffee 4 | 6 here individually

The coffee 10 | 0 is a light single origin filter coffee roast. The organic Arabica used comes from the Yellikodige Estate in Chickmagalur, Karnataka, India. This aromatic filter coffee is ideal for brewing with a hand filter, while unleashing its potential.

Taste: smooth, brittle, elegant acidity

Recommendation: 18g coffee, coarsely ground (fine in drip) to 300ml water. Of course, the coffee 10l0 can also be brewed in a conventional coffee maker or French press.

Preparation recommendation: hand filter, Chemex, coffee maker, Frenchpress

Order coffee 10 | 0 here individually

Coffee 7 | 3 (70% organic Indian Arabica, 30% organic Indian Robusta) is a classic, light-colored coffee roast. Its velvety, round taste is best enjoyed with "tart" or simply whenever you have a coffee craving.

Taste: delicious, velvety, tart

Preparation recommendation: hand filter, Chemex, coffee maker, French press

Coffee 7 | 3 order individually here

Fairtrade / Direct Trade:
Direct Trade
Content per package:
Drink type:
Roasted coffee
Food companies:
INDIE ROASTERS organic coffee & spices; T.Rosendahl & A.Gerulat GbR, Krackser Straße 12a, 33659 Bielefeld, Germany

Indie Roasters mit Kaffeefarmern
HANDMADE. DIRECTLY. SUSTAINABLY PRODUCED Tomorrow still a good idea. Here, production is really done with heart and hand. Behind Indie Roasters, a small roastery in Bielefeld, are Torsten Rosendahl and Anne Gerulat, who have embarked on an adventure with their idea of producing really good organic coffee specialties. In their charming roastery in a former gatehouse of a historic factory in Bielefeld Senne, small batches of coffee are produced on the 12 kg sample roaster, coffee labels are glued by hand, green coffee is stored, coffee bags are filled, work is done, phone calls are made and big plans are made. Always with the background of doing and making something that is really good for everyone involved in the process, the farmers in the country of origin, nature and the people here. In the beginning there was the love for really good coffee. Then came the opportunity to import... [Read more]

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