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6x Einherjer Sold - Barley Wine

15,99 (€8,08 per l) + 0,48€ Bottle deposit
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Content: 1,98l
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powerful, complex
Herkunft Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Alkoholgehalt 9.5% vol.

More information about 6x Einherjer Sold

The Einherjer are fallen warriors who are picked up from the battlefield by the Valkyries and brought to Valhalla. There, in Odin's magnificent hall, they feast, play and fight until the All-Father leads them into the great, final battle of Ragnarok. As symbolic pay for the brave Einherjer, who fight at the side of the gods, we have brewed this special beer.

Barley Wine has been a very strong and warming beer since ancient times. It was developed in England in the 18th century, when the wine-drinking upper classes felt compelled to find an alternative to French wine, as they were often at war with France at that time. This exclusive beer is also recommended as a gift for friends and relatives who want to be rewarded with something special.

A vintage beer, also called vintage beer, can of course be enjoyed young, i.e. shortly after bottling, but it usually reaches its taste peak only after a longer storage period. Proper storage causes the beer to become smoother, rounder and more complex. Notes of sherry, port, or cognac develop, foam and carbonation diminish, and the beer actually becomes more like a good wine.

Because of the long shelf life and enormous potential for aging in terms of taste, vintage beers are therefore often collected and highly traded, just like wines. Presumably, this beer lasts until after the Ragnarok, so that the remaining Einherjer can strengthen themselves on it.

1,98 Liter
Content per individual product:
0,33 liters
Wacken brewery
Water, barley malt, hops, sugar, yeast
Drink type:
Food companies:
Wacken Brewery GmbH & Co. KG, Gehrn 13, 25596 Wacken

Wacken Brauerei
We come from Wacken in Holstein, a region mostly off the beaten track. A little country, often gray and sometimes flat like the bland uniform taste of industrial beer, which we endured for far too long, like thirsty Bedouins wandering through the brewery-poor and monotonous desert. Our small craft beer brewery was founded at the beginning of 2016 by three beer enthusiasts in the heart of Wacken in Schleswig-Holstein. After months of planning and seemingly endless conversion work on a former supermarket, the time had finally come in mid-June: the brewing equipment was set up. Since then we have a so-called three-vessel brewhouse with a capacity of 20hl per brew, i.e. a yield of 2000 liters per brewing process. The beer is fermented and stored in five stainless steel tanks with a total capacity of 220hl. In addition, we have decided to operate our own bottling plant in order to be as... [Read more]
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