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Four Shades of Kjell - 6x Craft Beer from Kjell.beer (Raspberry Weisse + Märzen + IPA + Coffee Porter + Session)


Four Shades of Red - The tasting package from the raccoon!

16,90 (€8,54 per l)
Including tax
Contents: 1,98l
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Kjell Beer

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Delivery to Germany: 4,95
Shipping time: 2-3 working days
Herkunft Saxony, Germany

More information about Four Shades of Kjell

Kjell has put together his four most beautiful red creations for you and is delivering two Summer Ale on top.
One bottle each: Söda (Märzen), Rödfärg (Raspberry Weisse), Hippo Yoga (IPA) and Fikaöl (Coffee Porter) + two bottles: Summer Ale (Session)

Söda | Märzen | Ingredients: Water, barley malt, hops | alc. 5.3% vol. | alc. 5.3% vol.

Rödfärg | Raspberry Weisse | Ingredients: Water, malt, raspberries, hops | Alk. 4.6% vol.

Hippo Yoga | IPA | Ingredients: Water, malt, hops | Alk. 7.0% vol.

Fikaöl | Coffee Porter | Ingredients: Water, malt, coffee (cold extract), hops | Alk. 5.2% vol.

Summer Ale | Session | Ingredients: Water, malt, hops | Alk. 5.2% vol.

Location: Waldenburg
Country: Germany
Content per individual product: 330ml
Contents: 1,98 Liter
Manufacturer: Kjell Beer
Drink type: Beer
Food companies: Sascha Mühleisen e.K., Schäferstr. 1, 08396 Waldenburg, Germany

Kjell Beer

Kjell.Beer - The raccoon from Waldenburg comes to your home The cheeky raccoon Kjell comes from a noble Saxon raccoon family from Waldenburg. Kjell grew up in a magnificent tree hollow not far from Waldenburg Castle. In the royal den he was brought up early with values such as conformity, discipline virtue, morality, piety, power and wealth. But this system is contrary to the attitudes of the raccoon. He longs much more for character traits like courage, solidarity, loyalty, helpfulness and humanism. Kjell moves out of his parents' den in 2019 and decides to lead an independent life as a punk. Initially, the Duke wanders the streets of Waldenburg, trying to survive by containerizing food from a discount store, but he does not succeed. With the last train at the hard scrounged Plörr comes over him the idea. Why doesn't he brew good craft beer himself to fight against the standard drink?

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