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Wind chimes: Christmas Negroni recipe

by Anastasia Hartleib
Windspiel: Christmas Negroni Rezept

Christmas is a time of contemplation, festivity, beautiful lights - and usually pretty boring drinks. Let's be honest: at some point, after the second Advent at the latest, we all want something different in a glass than mulled wine, punch and the like.

How good that Windspiel exists. The manufacturer from the Eifel region has just the thing for everyone who wants a stylish Christmas in their cocktail glasses. The team led by Sandra Wimmeler and Denis Lönnendonker has created an exciting Christmas gin with wonderfully wintery spices. In combination with the fresh aperitivo from the Vulkaneifel region, the result is a wonderfully contemplative Christmas Negroni that makes the Advent and Christmas season even more beautiful.

Der Windspiel Christmas Negroni wird mit dem Weihnachts Dry Gin und dem Aperitivo gemixt.
The Windspiel Christmas Negroni is mixed with the Christmas Dry Gin and the Aperitivo.

Recipe: Windspiel Christmas Negroni

Ingredients (for 2 portions):


  1. Pour all ingredients into a mixing glass
  2. Stir for approx. 30 seconds and strain into two tumbler glasses filled with fresh ice.
  3. Squeeze one orange zest over the drink and use the other as a garnish.

Windspiel - handmade spirits

All Windspiel creations are naturally handmade and impress with their artisanal finesse. The basis of all Windspiel spirits is a home-distilled potato distillate made from potatoes grown in the region. And not without reason: the region is characterized by volcanism, which is not only unique in Germany, but also ensures outstanding soil quality. Optimal conditions for potatoes of the highest quality - and therefore for unique spirits.

Sandra Wimmeler und Denis Lönnendonker gründeten die Windspiel Manufaktur
Sandra Wimmeler and Denis Lönnendonker founded Windspiel Manufaktur

Want to find out more about Windspiel? Take a look here: Windspiel - All about the manufactory from the Eifel region

Christmas gin scores with taste & gold leaf shimmer

Naturally, the potatoes from the volcanic soil also form the basis for the Christmas gin and the aperitivo. In addition to juniper berries, Christmas botanicals such as roasted hazelnuts, cinnamon and vanilla end up in the potato distillate of the Christmas gin.

Der Windspiel Premium Dry Weihnachts Gin punktet mit weihnachtlichen Botanicals - und schimmerndem Blattgold
The Windspiel Premium Dry Christmas Gin scores with Christmassy botanicals - and shimmering gold leaf

The wintry, spicy aroma of the dry gin is supported by subtle notes of sweet baked apple - and the addition of gold leaf, which provides the necessary festivity in the glass. In addition to the Windspiel Christmas Negroni, you can of course also enjoy the Christmas gin neat or with a mild tonic water.

The Windspiel Aperitivo also tastes great in winter

The Aperitivo also impresses with its unique aroma. Citrus fruits play the leading role here. Bitter oranges and grapefruit provide the necessary aperitif bitterness and, together with juicy oranges etc., bring the ultimate fruitiness to the bottle.

Der Windspiel Aperitivo schmeckt das ganze Jahr über.
Windspiel Aperitivo tastes great all year round.

Windspiel Aperitivo is actually more of a summer drink - but it also works well in winter cocktails such as the Christmas Negroni. In the hot season, it even offers a subtle surprise effect: mixed with tonic, it creates a wonderful play of colors that can easily keep up with the sunset on the beach or on the terrace.

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