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Wind chimes - All about the manufactory from the Eifel region

by Anastasia Hartleib
Windspiel - Alles über die Manufaktur aus der Eifel

If you ask the Windspiel makers for a description in three words, you will hear the following: "Passion, because we love what we do. Quality, because we don't compromise, value raw materials and use top-quality regional products. And British, because we appreciate English style and humor."

Passion, quality & British. It doesn't get more to the point than that. The spirits manufacturer from the Eifel region is now a beacon for the craft industry - and shows that growth does not always have to go hand in hand with a lowering of standards.

Winspiel Gin - local roots at the highest quality

When Sandra Wimmeler and Denis Lönnendonker launched their first Windspiel Gin in 2014, they had a passion for fine gins and a strong connection to their home region. The volcanic landscape of the Eifel with its deep forests and clear streams not only inspired the two of them to create outstanding gin creations, but also to develop a production method that aims to help preserve the beauty and uniqueness of their landscape. For this reason, regional production of ingredients is just as important as the sustainable production of spirits.

Das sind die Windspiel-Gründer: Sandra Wimmeler & Denis Lönnendonker
These are the Windspiel founders: Sandra Wimmeler & Denis Lönnendonker

For example, Windspiel Manufaktur relies on solar power to generate energy and sources its raw materials from regional contract farmers wherever possible. Recyclable paper is also used for packaging and labels, as well as natural corks from sustainable production.

Short transportation routes, high-quality ingredients. Sandra Wimmeler and Denis Lönnendonker can also guarantee this because they were once again inspired by their region for the basic ingredients of their spirits. As true Eifel natives, the two love good potatoes just as much as they love their gin. And due to the volcanic origin of the Eifel, nowhere else grow such high-quality potatoes as in the Eifel.

Buy Windspiel spirits:

Making their own raw alcohol for the Windspiel spirits from potatoes was therefore an obvious choice. "In contrast to almost all other grain-based gins, our basis is the significantly more expensive potato alcohol that we produce ourselves. The big difference is that raw alcohol made from potatoes is much milder than grain alcohol - and therefore offers a completely different drinking experience," says Managing Director Sandra Wimmeler.

Die Eifler Kartoffel bildet die Grundlage für alle Windspiel Spirituosen
The Eifel potato forms the basis for all Windspiel spirits

The result: multi-award-winning gin creations, its own potato vodka, a herbal spirit, also made from regional herbs, as well as tonic water variants. Everything is handmade and produced in the company's own distillery. In addition to the classic Windspiel Dry Gin, the manufactory has now created over ten gins - some of them, such as the Van Voxlem Gin, in collaboration with other manufactories and artisan businesses that place just as much value on sustainability as Windspiel itself.

Handmade spirits - now and in the future

Despite all their successes, the Eifel-based company still keeps its feet on the ground. They still produce in manageable batches, the ingredients still come from the region and all spirits are still made by hand. And this will remain the case in the future.

Der Windspiel Sloe Gin schmeckt auch hervorragend als sommerlicher Aperitif
Windspiel Sloe Gin also tastes great as a summer aperitif

Whether you treat yourself to a summer aperitif with Windspiel Sloe Gin, a wintery, sparkling Christmas gin prepared with hot apple juice, or simply a classic gin and tonic with the first of all Windspiel gins, all drinks have one thing in common: they all contain damn good quality - handmade in the Eifel.

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