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Tea Eats Laphet - edible fermented tea leaves - mild


As a salad or to season culinary creations

9,60 (€51,89 per kg)
Including tax
Quantity: 185g
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Tea Eats

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Delivery to Germany: 4,50
Free delivery from: 39,00
Shipping time: 2-4 working days (usually sent within 11 h.)
Tea Eats GmbH
Essen-Stil Fermentierte Teeblätter
Glutenfrei Gluten free
Laktosefrei Lactose free
Ohne Palmöl Without palm oil
Ohne raffinierten Zucker Without refined sugar
Vegan Vegan

More information about Tea Eats Laphet

This variety of edible, fermented tea leaves has a mild taste and is an absolute culinary delight. Carefully crafted in the fermentation process, it has a gentle flavor profile.

With its mild notes and subtle complexities, it adds a unique touch to your culinary creations, making it a must-have for tea lovers and connoisseurs alike.

Laphet lends an impressive variety of flavors that can enrich numerous culinary preparations. In combination with our Knuper Mix, Laphet is the base ingredient for the iconic fermented tea leaf salad "Laphet Thote". Laphet can also be used as a seasoning in curries and other culinary creations.

Halal: YES
Location: Berlin
Vegetarian: YES
Without gelatin: YES
Without soy: YES
Country: Germany
Quantity: 185g
Manufacturer: Tea Eats

Tea Eats

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