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Mannheim Gin Package - 144 Square Mannheim Dry Gin + 144 Raspberry Square Gin


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Content: 1,0l
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Herkunft Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

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The square set for the square city!

Upstairs Mannheimer Gin Set Beauty Shot


1x 144 Square Mannheim Dry Gin

A total of 12² selected ingredients complete the 144 Square Gin. A fine interplay of raspberry, blackberry, lavender and lemon thyme. The name is derived from the 144 squares of Mannheim's city center, which are also drawn on the label of the 144 Square Gin.

With its fruity flavor, 144 Square Gin follows in the footsteps of our debut product. In terms of taste, however, it is something completely new. A strong berry aroma from dominant raspberry and blackberry notes is rounded out by grapefruit and lemon thyme. The floral tones of lavender and rose blossom complete the flavor composition.

Botanicals: juniper, raspberry, blackberry, lavender, lemon thyme, grapefruit.
Alcohol content: 44% vol.

1x 144 Raspberry Square Gin - Gin Liqueur

The fruity gin liqueur with handpicked raspberries and the taste of 144 Square Gin. Enjoy our exceptional gin liqueur neat, with tonic water or infused with sparkling wine - so many options, so many delicious results.

The 144 Raspberry Square Gin beguiles with a successful interplay of classic juniper notes and pleasantly fresh sweetness. The fruit juice we produce ourselves is made from raspberries from the Black Forest Oberkirch and added to the high-proof distillate instead of water. The balanced ratio between the two components is crucial for the unique taste.

Botanicals: juniper, raspberry, blackberry, lavender, grapefruit, lemon thyme, lavender, rose blossom.
Alcohol content: 31% vol.

Location: Heidelberg
Country: Germany
Content: 1,0 Liter
Content per individual product: 500ml
Manufacturer: Upstairs Gin
Drink type: Gin
Food companies: Upstairs Getränke Wloka e.K., Dachsbuckel Winzerhof 1, 69126 Heidelberg, Germany

Upstairs Gin

Through a project work at the oldest hotel management school in Germany, the Hotelfachschule Heidelberg, Alexander Völker and Christopher Wloka developed the 315 Upstairs Heidelberg Dry Gin. The first batch consisted of 90 bottles. After very positive feedback, they decided to market the 315 Upstairs Heidelberg Dry Gin. The 315 Upstairs Gin symbolizes the 315 steps from Heidelberg's Old Town to the historic castle. In the case of the square 144 Square Gin, the name is derived from the 144 squares of Mannheim's city center, which are also drawn on the label of the 144 Square Gin. And the 535 Upstairs Chassalla Dry Gin is dedicated to the Bergpark in Kassel. It symbolizes the 535 steps up to the Hercules.

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