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315 Upstairs Heidelberg Dry Gin

28,90 (€57,80 per l)
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Content: 0,5l
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Geschmack pleasant juniper note, fruity blueberry, dominant bergamot aromas
Lead Botanicals Juniper, Bergamot, Blueberries
Herkunft Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany
Alkoholgehalt 43% vol.

More information about 315 Upstairs Heidelberg Dry Gin

Whenever someone is looking for a fruity gin, the name of 315 Upstairs Gin also comes up. Hardly any gin tastes as fruity and refreshing in the form of an iced gin and tonic as the Upstairs Gin from Heidelberg.

The 315 Upstairs Dry Gin has a pleasant juniper note and is accompanied by fruity blueberry in combination with fine bergamot flavors. Well, did you already notice the play on words? HEIDELbeere and BERGamotte - tadaa!

But that's not the only hidden message in the name: The 315 Upstairs Gin symbolizes the 315 steps from Heidelberg's Old Town to the historic castle. This number concept, by the way, runs through all Upstairs Gins. In the 535 Upstairs Chassalla Dry Gin, the number represents the 535 steps in Kassel's Bergpark up to Hercules. The 144 Square Gin, in turn, represents the 144 squares of Mannheim's city center.

Behind these number and flavor games is Christopher Wloka. After training as a hotel manager and an apprenticeship as a chef, through which he learned to handle a wide variety of flavors and ingredients, his path led him indirectly to his calling to develop an award-winning gin. While still studying at Germany's oldest hotel management school, he developed the 315 Upstairs Heidelberg Dry Gin as part of a project and, fortunately, realized early on that it had what it takes to do great things. In fact, the gin won two gold medals at the Frankfurt International Spirit Trophies in 2020.

315 Upstairs Heidelberg Dry Gin is handcrafted in a small manufactory in Heidelberg, Germany. Of course, the Upstairs Gin comes completely without artificial flavors or other additives.


The perfect gin and tonic pleasure:

First, you can also drink the gin perfectly pure. Even if you or your friends/family are not the pur drinkers, then it is really worth to smell the Upstairs Gin and perceive the pleasant fruity notes of blueberry.

The Heidelberg Gin pairs best with a more restrained, light tonic water like Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic. With this, the delicious, fruity flavors of the Upstairs Gin come out best.

Directions: 4cl 315 Upstairs Gin, 10cl tonic water, lots of ice cubes, garnish with a decent amount of fresh blueberries.


Hand-picked blueberries from Oberkirch in the Black Forest, as well as sun-ripened bergamots, shape the unique fruit notes in 315 Upstairs Dry Gin. To be able to guarantee this unique taste throughout, the Upstairs team travels 1x a year to the Ortenaukreis and picks up the freshly harvested blueberries. The botanicals macerate in the clay vessel for 72 hours during the production process, and we do not use any artificial flavors at all.

Recommendation: Its character as a fine delicate mixer with floral top notes makes Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water the perfect complement to 315 Upstairs Dry Gin. Combined with fresh blueberries, lemongrass and a lime zest, the long drink unfolds its full potential.

Location: Heidelberg
Botanicals: Juniper, blueberry, bergamot, kaffir lime, coriander, rose petal
Country: Germany
Content: 0,5 Liter
Manufacturer: Upstairs Gin
Color: clear
Drink type: Gin
Food companies: Upstairs Getränke Wloka e.K., Dachsbuckel Winzerhof 1, 69126 Heidelberg, Germany

Upstairs Gin

Through a project work at the oldest hotel management school in Germany, the Hotelfachschule Heidelberg, Alexander Völker and Christopher Wloka developed the 315 Upstairs Heidelberg Dry Gin. The first batch consisted of 90 bottles. After very positive feedback, they decided to market the 315 Upstairs Heidelberg Dry Gin. The 315 Upstairs Gin symbolizes the 315 steps from Heidelberg's Old Town to the historic castle. In the case of the square 144 Square Gin, the name is derived from the 144 squares of Mannheim's city center, which are also drawn on the label of the 144 Square Gin. And the 535 Upstairs Chassalla Dry Gin is dedicated to the Bergpark in Kassel. It symbolizes the 535 steps up to the Hercules.

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Upstairs Gin Tonic im Glas
Sehr lecker. Werde ich wieder kaufen...
Sehr lecker und sehr fruchtig. Einer der besten die ich hatte. Vor allem sehr gut bei Freunden neulich angekommen die starke Wacholder Gins nicht so gerne mögen.
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